Model and Advocate for the Disabled, Tiphany Adams, on the Bella Petite Hour

The Bella Petite Hour (with Host Ann Lauren) will feature “Wheely Famous,” petite model Tiphany Adams. Tiphany is a living exhibition of courage and inspiration, and her story needs to be heard and shared around with world. In life, we all suffer great tragedies yielding loss and sacrifice, though some more than others have learned these life altering lessons. Inevitably it is not the good times that define who we are, but the tough times and the tragic moments. How we handle life’s curve balls and what we do when faced with insurmountable adversity is when we find out who we truly are, which determines our life’s purpose.


This is a real life story about a beautiful young woman who lived against all odds, named Tiphany Adams. Imagine being seventeen, a senior in high school, and getting into a vehicle on a Sunday with two of your friends. You have your entire life ahead of you filled with hopes and dreams. Tiphany held aspirations of becoming a model and she realized the same difficulty all petite women do, such as clothing not properly fitting and being “too short” according to the industry height standards (she is a petite at 5’2”). Her senior project was based on designing clothes and participating in a fashion show.


Most of us, teenagers and adults alike, cannot fathom life changing in an instant. What we do know is that we are not in control of keeping horrible things from happening to us. For instance, traveling down the street and having another vehicle speeding at you on the wrong side, smashing into your vehicle head on. At that moment four lives were lost.

The EMT’s on the scene of the accident had recorded four DOA’s . To their amazement Tiphany let out a sound from inside the wreckage. The claws of life were employed to pry her out of the mangled metal mess, and she was Medi-flighted to the hospital where surgeons immediately operated on her internal injuries. Afterwards she was in a coma and the family was given the prognosis that she had only a 5% chance of life.

One month later, Tiphany awoke from her coma. Her first thoughts, “what am I doing there, why are there all these flowers, balloons and teddy bears surrounding me?” It was really awkward she remembers. “Why are my legs tingling? I didn’t understand why they were so tingly and numb, and why I couldn’t move them the way that I wanted to. I also had a tube going through my nose, which turned out to be my feeding tube.”

“I didn’t understand, I was asking my dad what was going on with me… ‘Why am I here and why can’t I feel my legs?’ He said, ‘okay, let me show you where you’ve been staying for the past month…’ And when my dad said that, I was like ‘the past MONTH…? I’ve been here for a MONTH…? Is he serious!?’ So then he brings a wheelchair to the side of the bed and I ask him ‘what.. what… what is that for?’ He said ‘honey, you’re really sick right now…’” Tiphany starts to tear up, fearing what she already knew.

Her father explained her circumstances, telling Tiphany that she would never walk again. Tiphany, ever the optimist, didn’t give up on life. The miracle she was given, as a result of this accident was “life,” for which in her exact words she “feels blessed.”


Unfortunately, this young woman’s life was changed by an act another individual did have control over. The lady in the oncoming car was driving drunk. She was one of the DOA’s, and it appears she got off easy for her crime. I will never comprehend how any individual can make decisions that have the potential to cause extreme harm and death to others. How self-absorbed and thoughtless is any human being to drive in that state? For more information on how to keep this from happening to someone you know, contact MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers) and SADD (Students Against Drunk Drivers).


Tiphany is truly an inspiration to us all, telling me in our interview, “ I feel it is my God given purpose to become the story told that after tragedy lies hope and promise of brighter days. I love being able to inspire and motivate individual’s. It’s my life’s purpose. I look forward to my future because I have the capability to make a difference in society. I look forward to the day I will become well-known and successful in all my entertainment endeavors.”

Despite life’s challenges Tiphany has already beaten the odds. We have no doubt this young woman will succeed in her endeavors. Tiphany is more than a pretty face. Her positive influence, contagious motivation and her “never say quit” attitude, should inspire us all to pursue achieving our life’s goals. The only way to fail in life is by not trying to succeed. Whether you know what your goals are, or you are searching for your purpose, just know that life has a way of pointing us in the right direction. Take note, pay attention to the signs and know that nothing in life is a coincidence, everything happens for a reason.


The Tuesday, January 26th podcast available here on Bella with special guest model, advocate for rights for individuals with disabilities, Tiphany Adams. She will share her story with us and tell us how she’s making a difference in people’s lives with her charitable efforts and spreading the message against drunk driving, as well as discuss her new career aspirations.


Also, joining us on the show will be Bella Petite’s head of Director of Production, Emmy award winning producer Christopher Toyne. We will explore what opportunities are available for disabled individuals in the entertainment and modeling industry. If you have any questions or comments for our guests, please leave them here and we will discuss them on the show.


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15 thoughts on “Model and Advocate for the Disabled, Tiphany Adams, on the Bella Petite Hour”

  1. Tiphany is absolutely amazing! You can't help but be uplifted and encouraged when you are around her. Her zest for life is contagious.

  2. Tiffany is my wonderful, delightful, caring and forever motivating everyone around her niece. She has given me so much joy in my life and I thank God everyday for her survival. When she was recovering she was only down for a few days, and after discussing why she was chosen to live she has never looked back, working hard everyday to lead a purpose driven life. I love this girl to the moon and back. Auntie Chris.

  3. I'm listening now, and already got the chills with Ann's introduction! I'm glued to the computer and will comment after the show. Thanks Ann for bringing this story to everyone's attention.

  4. Ann, what a great show & story of inspiration, encouragement and the "I know I can" attitude. Stories like these definitely help people who are facing the same situation. When my son first became a type-1 diabetic, I was like…WHAT? "Not my son!!" I went through the pity-part of why "me," why HIM, etc. Then, as I feverishly researching everything I could find on the disease, and you know what? Although I was sad to hear that there are MILLIONS of kids afflicted with the same thing, it was comforting to know that I'm not in this "fight" alone, and hearing everyone's story about how they handle it, what they do to cope, etc., made ME believe that we can manage, if not beat this thing one day. (pls look at part two below)

  5. My point being, I feel that when someone like Typhany shares her story, others that are going through the same thing, or facing something very difficult in their lives can feel comforted knowing that someone else has already gone through it, is STILL going through it, but has beaten the odds and is now the one in control of the situation. Typhany, you're clearly a very special person, which in my believe, God must have a very special purpose for you in this world and believes you are strong enough to handle it and DO something with it! I believe in your ability to make your dreams come true! Again, thanks for sharing your truly inspirational story, AND for being an advocate for SADD.

    By the way, I have some GREAT advice & direction for actors/actresses starting out, from the SAG president of Denver Colorado which I can pass on to you through Ann, if you would like. It's all about networking and connections, that's for sure. I also have another idea for you, which I will send to Ann via email and she can pass that on to you too! Take care.

    1. Wow Tana! It seems like you have had your ups and downs as well with your son and his present condition. I like that your able to look at the optimistic side knowing things will get better and regardless your so blessed to have your son even if at times it may seem tough. I look forward to the information you have and I am excited to check it out. You are a very kind woman and thank you again for your time.

  6. Typhany you really inspire me to go after my dreams. You made me realize how important and fragile life is. What a good article and great radio show I just listened too! Thanks and Ann Lauren for providing these fantastic opportunities for petite women.

  7. Hey Tiphany! I made sure I didn't miss your interview today! Although I wish none of this would have happened to you, we always wonder why these things happen, especially to good people, I'm so proud of how you took it just like another challenge and took control of your own life. You are not only someone who survived something terrible, you are person who is living your life, and I know nothing can stop you! You're an inspiration for me, and many others. I have CP and I'm also in a wheelchair and I also know the feeling of people seeing the wheelchair first and then me, and growing up I've felt very sad and angry many times when people made up their mind about me before they even got to know me. I really didn't want to be treated any differently, but still I didn't let it stop me. People always told me I couldn't do many things, but everyday I proved them wrong. Now I know that many of them are just ignorant, and as soon as they really get to know me everything changes. Unfortunately we live in a world of first impressions, as you know, and most of us don't have enough time to open people's eyes and educate them. This always frustrated me, but then I met you and I felt reassured that this will only get better and better. You do have a special purpose in this world, and you're already doing it with your career. With every new job you get, every show that you're on, every photo shoot and interview you do you open up peoples eyes not only in the business but everywhere else (you have the ability to reach so many people with the work you do, best job to do so!). More and more people need to realize that its the differences in this world that make it more unique, special, and beautiful. I'm so happy to know there are people like you in this world, contributing in the best way they can, and making it better not only for all of us facing some sort of challenge but for everyone else too…As for you're career I wish you only the best, and I see great things ahead. With you're inner and outer beauty, talent, and that awesome and kind personality you got it in the bag. I can't wait to see what's coming for you!

  8. Sasan You are an amazing individual with a heart of gold! You must have had an extremely tough time growing up in a wheelchair since birth. I can only imagine the situations and way certain people made you feel by the judgemental eyes.I appreciate your kind remarks and thoughtful words. I glad I met you at the Abilities expo because you are always wearing a smile and it shines as bright as the new days sun. You are stronger than most people I know and you too can conquer whatever you desire because you have the personality and charm that surpasses most average beings.

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