Modeling Advice For Petite Women

As editor and chief of Bella Petite, I have booked more editorials featuring petite models (5’5″ & under) than any other individual in the world! I have been a working 5’2″ petite model, since I was a teenager, but now I am proud to be publisher of the ‘only’ global magazine exclusively created for petite women.Petite Models Wearing Allison Izu Jeans-Joy-Ann Lauren-Carly

Bella Petite Magazine was established with the goal of becoming the fashion bible for petite women to trust and build to fit your interests.

I am asked everyday by petite models for career advice, so I’ve decided to share some of my own personal notes.

It is important for aspiring petite models to identify your strong points as a model. What is your look and what type of work can you pursue? Keep in mind that you will have to pay substantial costs to become a model.

You will need to develop your book, create and print your composite cards, purchase a resource directory for comp card mailings, pay postage fees and utilize the internet for job castings, networking, photo tools and research. Plus, you will need to have a model profile and an email address.

You will need to market yourself by entering events, such as IMTA, pageants or model searches, and network just like any other business. It requires an investment to become a professional model, and it requires more than just taking a pretty picture and posting it up on Facebook.

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Free model searches typically offer nothing in reality; no tearsheets (like the one shown above), prizes, promotional benefits or modeling work and they Allison Izu_petite models_ Carly_ Carrieare often focused less on providing opportunities for the models and more on driving website traffic for the brand. The model gets little more than an ego boost.

Modeling agencies no longer pay money to develop models and that was never an option for petite models.  Also, fashion magazines don’t take new faces, spend money developing talent, or place petite models in high fashion editorials…

However, Bella Petite Magazine is a new style publication that offers an international model search submission process.  Bella Petite clearly has a different philosophy than the old standards!

Petite models now for the first time you have an opportunity to do high fashion, editorial print, runway modeling and promotional opportunities with Bella Petite Magazine!

Bella Petite our magazine, model search and petite model network is the number one source for petite models, talent and business women.

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Get your free online issue of Bella Petite today to see what all the buzz is about!  Printed editions are available for order at



5 thoughts on “Modeling Advice For Petite Women”

  1. I am very big support of bella and your fan thank you for taking time and answer my question. I luv to read your magazine!

  2. Very thoughtful of you to take time to talk about modeling for petite girls I have not been able to find much about this until bellapetite it is nice thank you 🙂

  3. I do not know what to do to be model this is help me to know what to do I want to try and do it! Bella petite is my dream to model with you because your magazine is for us shorties 🙂

  4. Good news to read this just in time for me I have so many questions about modeling and how to do it as a petite I want to know what I can do and where to start thank you!

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