Metabolism What is It How Does It Affect Your Weight? [weight loss] [diet]

FITNESS ADVICE FOR PETITE WOMEN AND FOR MEN TOO! Diet TIPS – Starvation or extreme dieting will reduce your BMR up to 30%. This is why I do not believe in, nor recommend diets. Remember – “If I lose it too fast, it might not last”. When you eat, your metabolism responds or rises to break the food down into nutrients that the body can use. Obviously if you are not eating, your metabolism will not be rising. Further, when you “starve” yourself on these crazy diets, the message your body is getting, is that it is in Starvation Mode and will slow the metabolism down in order to survive.

WHY CRASH DIETS FAIL Most people can not live in this mode for long periods of time, so once you do resume eating again your body must “hold on to” everything you do eat and not metabolize it all in order to keep you alive and functioning, since it’s not certain when or how often the body will be fed again. Thus the reason people go on crash diets and drop weight initially just from the reduced calories, but then the metabolism slows down in order to keep you from using up all the energy/calories to keep you alive and functioning…and once you do start resuming eating normally again, then you will gain even more weight and it will be harder to come off each time. It’s a viscous crazy cycle that people get caught in.


Body Temperature – The higher your body temperature, the more your metabolism is at work. The supplement companies know this and have created Thermogenic “fat burners” – they are designed to increase your internal temperature to help speed up your metabolism. It’s much like having a fever…often your appetite is decreased and you lose weight during the time you might be sick because the body must work harder or expend more calories in order to fight the high temperature. I don’t necessarily recommend you run to the store to buy “fat burners” though. Be aware that while some may help with raising the BMR through Thermogenics or via Stimulants like Caffeine – the more your body becomes dependent on “fat burners” – the less your own Adrenal Glands will work on their own. Also be aware, that there does not exist any pill that actually “burns fat” (note the very name of these “fat burners” is deceiving)

External Temperature – Interestingly – exposure to cold temperatures actually increases the BMR as well. This is because the body must now work hard to create heat internally to survive the external cold. And, although a short exposure to hot temperatures doesn’t affect metabolism much, a prolonged exposure to heat can raise BMR. So, you might want to turn up the air conditioning a bit, or turn up the heat alot. Either way, the extreme temperatures can raise your BMR, whereas a comfortable normal temperature will not. But again, don’t rely on this alone to lose weight.

Thyroid Glands – this gland produces Thyroxin which is a key BMR regulator that speeds up the metabolic process…when people have too little Thyroxin produced by the Thyroid Gland the BMR may shrink by 30-40%! Adrenaline also increases the BMR but to a lesser extent. So if weight is an issue, have your doctor check your Thyroid Gland to rule that out and then get your Adrenaline rush going with exercise!

Exercise – Physical exercise obviously burns calories, but it can raise your BMR by building lean muscle. When you build muscle (eg. resistance training with weights/tubes/bands) – you will burn more calories/fat even while you sleep! Cardio alone doesn’t have that kind of result.   Metabolism What Is It? part one

Written By: Jeanene Cannon NASM CPT, CES, MSW   Connect with Jeanene Cannon on Facebook and Twitter!

 This is part two of a four part fitness series on “Metabolism What is it and How It Affects Your Weight” 

“High BMR” To Do List” part III coming in November.

“Turn ON Your Metabolism” Part IV coming in November.

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