Men Prefer Petites: Photo of The Week With Shaquille O’Neal and Hoopz!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, it turns out you haven’t! Bella Petite strives to be pro-petite and glamazon friendly, but this latest couple matchup is one that we’d never have guessed!

There’s a two foot difference between this mismatch made in heaven, with the former Lakers star manzon 7’1″ Shaquille O’Neal and petite reality star 5’0″ Nicole Alexander, aka “Hoopz”. Once again, proving the studies right, “men prefer petites!”

Our last couple-spotting (featuring petite celebrity 5’2″ Kim Kardashian and manzon 6’9″ Kris Humphries) left us all wondering about the physical mechanics of such a relationship. Now we have a real conundrum to ponder with about this pairing!

Shaq and Hoopz strolled out together for a shopping trip in Calabasas, California and we can see that at least they’re still able to hold hands, but as far as a kiss? That’s a bit of a stretch, but nothing a pair of two foot heels won’t fix! For now Shaq will have to scoop up his tiny temptress to steal a kiss.

Nicole “Hoopz” (age 28) is best known for winning the VH1 reality TV show “Flavor of Love and I Love Money.” She managed to win a whopping $250,000 from winning the latter in 2008!

Well, if Hoopz loves money, this is a good start since the 39-year-old basketball star said to be worth an estimated $250 million! Must make for a nice aphrodisiac! Shaq and Hoopz have been dating for a year, and are reportedly virtually inseparable.

What do you think about this matchup? Tell us below.

Written by: Ann Lauren

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