Media Industry Negative Stereotypes About Height [Petite Fashion]

This is the exact headline I cringe to see in the press “Tiny Porn Star-Fashion Industry Hates Little People.” This is no joke!

This is the exact consistent negative media stereo-type of petites we are tired of reading.  The TMZ blog post is replete with mocking undertones about petite women.

Though the underlying story was a bit more interesting and that is a petite young woman is tired of being overlooked by fashion designers. Lupe Fuentes decided to take matters into her own hands and launch a new clothing line “Sexy Little Angel.”  Yes, Lil’ Lupe Fuentes is an adult film star, but hey we already know men prefer petites.

The fashion industry needs to realign their compass and actually focus on the women buying their clothes or risque losing their market share to upcoming fashion designers who have the bright idea to actually design for the market place.  And that is the petite woman!

Lil’ Lupe Fuentes has launched her own fashion line geared at the little people called Sexy Little Angel — and the only sizes she offers are Small, Petite and Tiny.   Lupe — who’s 4’9″ — tells us, “In America, there are all of the plus size stores for those who are big, overweight, when the ideal for many is to be thin and fit.” She adds, “I have nothing against women who are overweight, but I can’t shop in their stores.”

Clearly, she’s never been to Abercrombie, Guess, Splendid, Alice and Olivia, Forever 21, Baby Gap…

Tell me how you feel about the subtle slight at the end of the article by the TMZ writer about “BABY GAP”…

Written by: Ann Lauren


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1 thought on “Media Industry Negative Stereotypes About Height [Petite Fashion]”

  1. Love the comment on stores carrying for the large and tall women. BUT we need stores to carry our size as well!! Let’s stand up and fight for the PETITE WOMAN.

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