Mattel Barbie and Ken Dolls In Real Life

Barbie and Ken Dolls

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You may be asking yourself, ‘are these images of Ken and Barbie dolls, or real people?’   The befuddling and astounding truth here is that these are images of real people.  Valeria Lukyanova, (5’5″ age 23) and Justin Jedlica, (5’10, age 32) are live replicas of the iconic plastic dolls.  This comical duet actually decided they wanted to really look like plastic fantastic dolls!  


These spitting images of childhood girl toys have spent hundred of thousands of dollars on extensive plastic surgery, makeup, fake hair and photoshop to create these surreal images. One must ponder, how much money was actually spent on a good psychologist? Unfortunately this is more proof that plastic surgeons will do anything for money.

Recently, the iconic mannequins got together for a photo shoot held in New York and it wasn’t pretty.  Reportedly, they clashed and engaged in a catty slang match mocking one another about make-up, hair and cosmetic operations.

American Justin said of Valeria: “Much of her look is added make-up, fake hair and slimming corsets. Drag queen’s have put on the same illusions for years.” Ukrainian Valeria hit back: “Justin said bad things about me but he had more than 90 operations, while I had only one.” source GQ

Not sure Valeria is being truthful about her volume of plastic surgeries and photo shop enhancements…

The reality is, manufactured beauty to this extent is, well, freaky.  As I’ve said, there’s no such thing as perfection and if you are striving for it than you just don’t get it, because perfection is boring.  

What do you think about about this duo? Written by: Ann Lauren

Barbie and Ken

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Bella Petite Magazine Brand Ambassador Celebrity Editor Ann Lauren ® Imdb Bio / Credits

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