Petite Celebrities On Magazine Covers: Lea Michele, Mila Kunis, JLO


MIla-Kunis-Magazine-CoversThe sexy petite actress Mila Kunis was seen on many magazine covers this year. She appeared on the October cover of Esquire magazine as the “2012 Sexiest Woman Alive. The photo-shoot in the magazine shows Kunis getting progressively stripped down. She goes from wearing a black bra and leather trousers to topless and then finally concealing her sexiest parts with a thin white sheet.

Mila Kunis also appeared on Elle magazine, Cleo magazine, Cosmopolitan this December.

5 thoughts on “Petite Celebrities On Magazine Covers: Lea Michele, Mila Kunis, JLO”

  1. I really love seeing “PETITES” on the cover of these magazines! However, it’s not fair that the industy and these fashion magazines make exceptions for these women because of fame but aren’t using PETITE Models. It really doesn’t make sense. I really hope the standard s change. All PETITES deserve the same respect and opportunities. Thank God we have Bella Petite! I really believe this “movement” will bring change to the industry!

    1. The reason magazine’s have petite celebrities on their covers is to get people to buy the magazine and subscribe to them. Really very few covers of magazines have unknown faces you will only see a mainstream magazine place an unknown face on maybe one of their 12 issues a year or else they would lose subscribers. This is very positive for petites, since petite women rule entertainment, Bella Petite Magazine will eventually blow up da scene big time and knock the old rags off the shelf 🙂

  2. Oops, Didn’t think of it thay way but makes sense. Learn something new every day. ツ Guess I was too focused on the Petites taking over; I overlooked the positive of the article, LOL! Nice to see Petites on the covers though; hope to have that opportunity one day! 😉

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