‘The Love Crunch’ With Love-A-Licious [relationship advice]

Many couples today are being blindsided by “The Love Crunch,” not only is their love for one another being tested, but their relationship is going through a very grueling financial complexity. What once may have been marital bliss, is now a swirl of arguments and confusion, due to the upheaval of normally everyday living due to the economic stress, that is now confronting couples.

Now in their once solid marriage, one may be jobless. The burden of carrying the families every day load may now be placed on the other partner’s shoulders. This can be an overwhelming task that can causes tremendous pressure. Foreclosures, bankruptcies, are now eminent, after their 401k and other personal resources have been spent. The end result their financial stability collapses. Couples are now forced into moving in with their relatives, which takes a toll on the once blissful relationship, that has been shattered by the future of the unknown. Free to subscribe to Bella Petite!

So what do you do, when hell is breaking lose around you and when it seems as if all is lost, as you watch your finances go down the drain, feeling like you are lost in oblivion? My answer, “Hold On!”

Easier said than done, I know, but understand that even in this time of trials and testing, this too shall past. The greatest treasure that two people possess is the marriage and love that is their solid rock of their relationship, despite the fact that everything around them is sinking sand.

Hold on to your trust, your vows, and your commitment. Be realistic and realize, that yes everything in life comes and goes; money comes and goes, and yes these material things come and go, but can later be replaced, but once you lose your relationship, you really have lost everything, the essence of all that you are, and hope to be.

Letting the economics of the world define your relationship, and hold it on the balance of everything you are is unacceptable. Your love is not negotiable. It should never enter into the equation of your financial situations. Keep your marriage covenant outside of your financial and material problems; they should never be co-mingled with these concerns in the first place. Free to subscribe to Bella Petite!

Your love for one another should not be measured by the money in the bank accounts- or lack of that is facing the both of you. Step outside of the box, and handle these issues separately.

The inner core of your relationship is your haven, and your heaven. You can’t let the present crises cause you both to turn against one another, and fight one another- blaming the other for the problems. The couple that faces these major issues need to tackle these life issues together –head on.

Let love be your support and strength for each other through this difficult time. Never lose site of hope, and remember that when the other is weak, the other must be strong. Use the former days of marital bliss and rapture to remind you of the good times, and why you got married in the first place, and let it be the guiding light to get you through the dark times. Never given in no matter what you are facing to the “Love Crunch” the sun will rise tomorrow.

Author Candace Chambers-Belida Copyright © 2012


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