Your New Year’s Resolution

new-years-resolutionThe New Year

Each New Year it seems we take a look at ourselves and pass judgements in the form of ‘resolutions’ for the coming year. This year is probably no different. What we need to understand is resolutions are passed based on a negative judgement of ourselves. We should have done this, shouldn’t have done that… would of, could of, should of!Start off right realign your thoughts

I am a fan of self examination and I think more people should take a good look at themselves, however, too often self examination turns into self criticism. Any negativity pointed at ourselves by ourselves is not a good thing. We as women always seem to have a tendency to take on too much, so often trying to prove ourselves to be valuable to our work or family.  As if some outside compliment of well done, can make us feel better about who we are.

vibration-universe and our energySo, as we begin another year, let’s start it off right. Please take a good look at yourself and what you did in 2012. I am sure your list of accomplishments are extensive.  Look again and understand you are a bit neurotic and compulsive, amazing qualities that help you get stuff done. Yes, you know it and often times drive yourself crazy making sure everything comes out just right for everyone. For this new year let’s make everything come out right for you.

One thing I have learned in the past few, very chaotic years, is that I really have no control and the more I try to control, the less things workout. The energy of the Universe does work that way, the more we push and shove to create our way, the less things seem to work out. However, I can control me! How I look, feel, how much I exercise, how I eat, etc.lover-yourself

I would like you to consider this: if your child or loved one, needed a special diet, a certain exercise, a certain amount of sleep, you would move heaven and earth to help them get what they need.  You love them and you want the best for them.  This is how I want you to treat yourself, with love.  I want you to love yourself above everyone else.  Oh, now that sounds a bit selfish, well, you haven’t heard it all, it gets better!

change-your-lifeI want you to put yourself at the top of your to do list. Channel that neurotic, compulsive, amazing energy to yourself, eat well, exercise, sleep, nurture.  I can hear it now, “I don’t have time”… you always have time for the someone you love, it’s what you do. That someone now just happens to be you.

With love you can change the way you do things. With love you can put yourself on the top of the ‘to do’ list. The whole Universe supports what you do when you take care of yourself, read that again and again.

You will find things just falling into place as you let go and put your focus on you. You will feel be-happy-in-lifebetter, have more energy and be more available to those that need you when you put yourself first. Written by: Linda West


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