‘Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates’ Love-A-Licious

Yes! Life is like a box of chocolates!

It is amazing when you look back upon your life and realize that some decisions that were made in your life truly altered the course of your life. With detailed precision you can go back and pinpoint the very moment that a particular decision changed everything in your life and everything around you.

The staggering thing is that some decisions are a benefit, while some can be considered a major tragedy.

We really never know as we take this journey in life, if we will always make the right decisions. Life is a risk. Finding the perfect mate is a risk, love and giving your heart is a risk.

As Forest Gump, said “Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get in it.” No one ever purposely chooses to make a wrong decision or mistake when it comes to relationships. It’s a part of life and some things that happen are just plain out of your control. Subscribe to Bella Petite!

When it comes to love, the only security that we have is being secure and assured in the love that we offer, and have for another person. Hoping that they too, have that same amount of love that we are offering, and that it’s fully reciprocated.

Like an arrow hitting a target, sometimes we miss the mark. Knowing this we have to realize that we can’t live a life of regrets, but treasure the true value of lessons learned during the experience of the relationship.

One of the questions that one must ask themselves is did this situation and circumstance make me a better person? Did I grow from it? In reality, that really is the best way to gage right and wrong decisions in life.

Some people get stuck in a mistake and live the rest of their life with nothing, but regrets. They can’t fix or change what has happened in the past, and unfortunately, they can’t seem to get over it either.

Forgiving yourself of your mistakes is ultimately the saving grace when you are faced with this type of problem.

Give yourself permission to forgive yourself, and move on. Everything in life has a cause and effect, and how you cope and deal with issues is really what empowers you to have a balanced and healthy perspective of life.

My advice is to be gentle and easy with yourself and embrace all things. You only have one life to live, with many chances for happiness. Subscribe to Bella Petite!

Candace Chambers-Belida copyright © 2012


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