Update on Petite Celebrity Britney Murphy’s Cause of Death

The latest news in the investigation into petite celebrity 5’2″  Brittany Murphy’s death in that the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office is attempting to find an explanation for the crucial gaps in her medical history, in order for a proper determination on the cause of death to be issued.  Recent medical reports provided by Brittany’s doctor state that she was suffering from severe anemia and several other conditions for which she was under doctor’s care.  The reports show she was seen by her general practioner within months of her death in an effort to monitor her conditions.

In addition to her doctor, the assigned pathologist at the Coroner’s office has been advised by Brittany’s friends and family that several “other doctors” treated Murphy during her final months. The Coroner’s Office is investigating all of the doctors involved in the treatment of her purported medical conditions leading up to her death.

At this time the Coroner’s pathologist wants to know what medications had been prescribed by the other doctors.  In respect to the toxicology results they are still in the process and it generally take six to eight weeks for toxicology results, unless you are Michael Jackson.  In any event they need Brittany’s toxicology results to determine what drugs were in her system at the time of her death.  The Coroner’s intend to find out if the prescriptions were prescribed to Brittany by any of the myriad doctor’s involved or, possibly another source.

Initially on the date of  Brittany’s death we reported on December 20, 2009 the investigators had found numerous medications in her home. Many of the medications had been prescribed to Brittany, Simon Monjack, Brittany’s mother Sharon Murphy and several “unidentified third parties.”  We’ve also learned Brittany Murphy left her entire estate to her mother Sharon Murphy and it appears her hubby Monjack was not in her will.  The Coroner’s office states Brittany’s cause of death will not be released for another four weeks.

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1 thought on “Update on Petite Celebrity Britney Murphy’s Cause of Death”

  1. I really liked her — very sad story. I'll be interested in knowing if her "Diabetes" played a role in her death since diabetes can affect the heart (as well as other major organs). There are over 23 million people afflicted with Diabetes, with 1.6 million people, each year, being diagnosed. As petite women, we need always be aware of our BMI, calorie intake and the amount of exercise we get.

    "R.I.P" Brittany Murphy

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