Kelli Chapman, “Pretty Lucky?” Or “Petite” Lucky?

RECENT NEWS: We’ve all heard the sayings, “If you’re going to cheat, cheat death,” and, “When it’s your time to go…it’s your time to go!” Well, not true for petite (and pregnant) Kelli Chapman of the United Kingdom. In fact, it was because she was a petite 4ft-11in that saved her life.

Kelli Chapman, 26 years old and three months pregnant, was on her way home for lunch one Friday afternoon last month. She was stopped at a traffic light when suddenly a 1.5 ton steel girder smashed right through the front windshield of her little red car. Apparently, the girder had fallen from the back of a big “lorry,” which means “truck” in British terminology.

As luck would have it, the pregnant-petite was able to get to her cell phone while sitting in this crushed “tin can,” and call her father, who is a local police officer. Officer Chapman recalls his daughter casually saying, “Dad, some metal has fallen on my car.” However, when Kelli’s father arrived, he was in pure shock at what he saw – the car was totaled! He claims that if she wasn’t a “petite” woman, there would have been no way she would have survived this terrifying ordeal. Kelli Chapman walked away with no harm to herself or her baby!

Petite miracle? No way – I’d say a BIG MIRACLE!

Written by: Tana Corporon

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