Keep The Focus Up Top The All American Accessory

Miss Rosie the Riveter was the original woman who showed that just because women are petite and beautiful doesn’t mean we cannot get the job done.  Although the battle on gaining respect for petite models isn’t over, these dynamite forces of beauty like petite actress 5’5″ Alexis Bledel best known for her role in Gilmore Girls and Sin City (pic above) have certainly won respect for how fashionably they wear their head wraps. That’s right, I said head wrap. We are not talking about the ordinary headbands that hide behind a girl’s ears. Head wraps, on the other hand, are a long strip of cloth wound proudly and boldly around the head. Style & co. Headband, Embellished Wrap Headband

Petite celebrity fashionista’s Ashlee Simpson, Vanessa Hudgens, MaryKate and Ashley Olsen have discovered that the trick to looking taller and thinner is to keep the focus up top. Head wraps create an elongating illusion by drawing attention upward. Because these accessories grab so much attention, they typically evoke either a love or hate reaction. How do head wraps look so pleasant on some and so awful on others? There are so many types of head wraps out there, but before you go buy one, consider these suggestions: Silver Clear Crystal Double Vine Headband Tiara

Bulky or Flat? The material and texture of the head wrap can either make it lie flat on your forehead or project outwards a little. Some different styles to try are braided, double braid, rhinestones, scarf material, gems, or even elastic. Typically the head wrap that lays flatter to your face will hold hair in place more efficiently and the bulkier ones require more maintenance. August Headband, Cristiana Special Occasion Headband

Forehead or Hairline? Where you place the head wrap will make all the difference. By placing it back an inch or two from your hairline, your ears and hair no longer stick out or look funny. Hairpins might be required to hold your head wrap in place here. If you are placing it around your forehead you do not want it to be too tight. If it is, your hair will create a muffin top! Look for bow and knot bow head wraps made from fabric that allow you to adjust them. This way, you will be sure that the head wrap fits your head just right. Style & co. Headband, Beaded Wrap

Plain or Pattern? Though we love patterns this season, (polka dot, floral, lace, zigzag, stripes, embroidered, cheetah, blocked), your decision to use or lose them should depend on the way it works with your outfit. Paisley Cotton Bandanas (Pink)

Petite celeb 5’4″ Jlo’s fashionable headbands look great! We love head wraps because they showcase your hair and highlight your face. This is good news for petite models because they are making headlines everywhere they go and starting to prove to America what Rosie the Riveter was trying to say all along: even though you’re petite, you can make a big difference!   

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