Kathy Ireland Design Ambassador’s Chef Andre & Nicholas Paul Walker: Spice Up Your Love Life

valentine sweet loveChef Andre on Love and Romance

As a Chef, I really appreciate the simple things and sweet pleasures and my goal for you is to be happy and healthy. What we know is everybody loves flowers, from one single perfect stem, to a dozen! And yes, men like them too (although we won’t admit it!). Instead of a dozen long stem roses, why not try smaller bunches of spring flowers.

When most people think of Valentines, roses come to mind — and roses will always be a great classic choice, but there are many other beautiful selections of color, fragrances, and arrangements to consider.

From Tulips, Casablanca Lilies, Stargazer Lilies, Peonies, and Carnations — to the romantically fragrant floating Gardenias and more. Whether it’s a bunch of long stem roses, or a triplet of smaller bouquets, every arrangement is special.

When you choose Kathy Ireland designs by fabulous florals, you can; bring the garden into your heart with J du J and experience delicious design with ACafe.

With the promise of; Fashion … Quality … Value … Safety and that Kathy is “…finding solutions for families, especially busy moms” ™ and“…finding solutions for people in love”™.

In our Kathy Ireland DIY, Kathy teaches you how to design your arrangement like the pros, in an easy and affordable way.


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