“The Price of Beauty” Petite Celeb Jessica Simpson on Oprah Winfrey

A short time ago, Jessica Simpson was interviewed by Oprah on the ‘Own” network to talk about her personal experiences living with the prying eyes of the paparazzi and constant tabloid slams over her weight. The central focus was about”Beauty Around the World.”

Jessica shared her thoughts about her disrespectful Hollywood ex-boyfriend John Mayer, who infamously compared having sex with Jessica to “crack” in a recent Playboy interview.

Jessica said, “I felt betrayed. It made me so sad, and it was really discouraging because that’s not the John that I knew,” she said, ” I hope he gets
his life together.”  Jessica is clearly mortified over the latest onslaught of disgusting headlines and feels betrayed by John.  Jessica goes on to say, “he did apologize. I don’t accept it.  It’s just one of those things that… I don’t resent him.  I’m just going to let that go.  That part of my life is over.”  Clearly, no woman would appreciate an ex-sharing intimate details of their relationship… how classless!

Jessica also discussed candidly what it is like to have the media plaster her photos everywhere and call her “fat!”  The misconceptions and exaggerations exploiting female celebrities have become big business for the mainstream news rags.  It’s a sad commentary on our society when people look at a talented petite beauty like Jessica Simpson and refer to her size 4 or 6 as “fat.”

Jessica recalled the infamous chili cook-off event she attended in a pair of “mom jeans” coined by the media.  As she stated on Oprah’s show, “I love my curves.  I am 5’3”, I’m not going ever to be a size o, and I don’t want to weigh 90 pounds,” she says.  “The fact that I was famous last year for gaining ten pounds, it’s ridiculous, and it’s unfortunate. It’s a tough thing for me to talk about because I celebrate women of all sizes.  I think we are all beautiful.”


Jessica believes beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and faces.  As a result of Jessica’s personal experiences, she has decided to do a reality show on  VH1 called “The Price of Beauty.”

Jessica will travel the world with her friends Ken Paves and Cacee Cobb to discover how beauty translates to other parts of the continent.  Unfortunately, it was canceled seemingly due largely that consumers aren’t interested in beauty and how it affects women around the world.

Her beauty consultant Ken Paves was mortified after exploring the definition of beauty around the world, “I actually came back a bit embarrassed and a bit ashamed of the industry I’m in.  Because the industry I’ve been a part of and was so proud of in the beginning has alienated so many people and done exactly what’s done to petite Jessica and many other women. It’s made women everywhere feel like they don’t fit within that idea of beauty.”  Jessica and Ken came back home with an enlightened perspective of America’s beauty industry.  Ken says, ” he feels this reality show reinforced their belief that real women and real beauty should be celebrated.”

Bella Petite Ushering in a New Breed

There has been plenty of discussion on Bella Petite regarding discriminatory height standards practiced by companies like Victoria’s Secret and most retailers worldwide. All fashion magazines are the primary culprits concocting a distorted image that being tall and thin (anorexic) is the accepted look.  Although it is interesting how weight is a hot topic…

Rarely is there any discussion about how petite women are portrayed so negatively by the industry? However, fit or full-figured petite women are suffering the greatest from the lack of positive recognition in the media.

Being a petite woman is seemingly embarrassing by many women. Consequently, no one wants to admit their actual height. Many celebrities and models exaggerate their height, as do the media and their agency.   The media world turns a blind eye to the blatant “height” (age and ethnicity) discrimination in the fashion and beauty industry practices unless there’s an agenda where they are forced to conform for the sake of “political correctness.” Otherwise, they wouldn’t do it at all.

Bella Petite’s fashion initiative wants you to share your thoughts about the height, age, and weight extremes commonly practiced by industry insiders. We think you should follow good common sense practices when it comes to determining a healthy look.  The worst idealization perpetrated by media imagery is that women who have been indoctrinated believe they are unattractive if they don’t fit the mold of “amazon and anorexic,” even though 5’9″ women only represent 3% of women worldwide.

Bella Petite got the memo!  The modern code for models is to be healthy, fit, embrace your height, shape, and age to have a positive self-identity. Be excited and love being a petite woman! Join us, become a member, and advocate your fabulously petite look.

Written by: Ann Lauren

The Price of Beauty with Jessica Simpson Premiere 

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