Wearable Fashion Trends With Denim For Petite Women


Denim is a staple for every petite body type and every trend can be interpreted for the petite woman.  Here are a few simple and “wearable” trends for Spring/Summer 2013 for our petite sisters to follow:

pattern-mixed-denim-shortsDenim Shorts

Itis getting hotter an hotter these days, a good reminder to stock up on a good pair of denim shorts for Summer. For Spring/Summer 2013 we are still seeing a wide array for short styles. From cut offs, to the longer walk shorts or boyfriend shorts, every style can be worn by petites.  Shorts are very forgiving for petite women, even though shorter is always better, don’t feel like you have to compromise your comfort level to elongate your legs. A longer walk short that falls a couple of inches above the knee is great for petite women and the trend can be worn in a more professional setting.

Distressed denim or mix and match patterns

Another huge trend right now is the one-of-a-kind distressed denim with patterned details. Cut & sew designers are buying vintage denim jeans and cutting them and distressing them into cut offAllison Izu Petite Denim Designs shorts, super cute, but you do have to compromise on the fit sometimes.  It’s tough to find your size in the style you want. Go for something a little more tailored with a fun detail.

For Summer 2013, Allison Izu is creating denim shorts with a touch of hawaiian details; small hawaiian back pocket or small print details to spice up a simple denim short (see picture above) and it plays into another huge trend right now, Aloha prints!


Call them what your want to, clam diggers, capris, crops – it’s the shorter version of a jean and its perfect for petites when done correctly. Capris are always in style for Spring, it is comfortable enough to wear daily and it still fun and summery. Most petites shy away from capris because none of the styles are cut for our shorter frame, which leaves us with a jean that looks like we are running away from the floods. A proper capri should end mid-calf to keep the proportions looking right. Don’t go for a capri that ends right below your knee or one that ends a couple inches above the ankle. It’s either an ankle jean (which ends at the ankle) or a capri.

rachel-bilson-jeansAnkle Jeans or Rolled Jeans

The Ankle jean is making a come back full force, check out Gap’s latest ad campaign and all you see if the Audrey Hepburn ankle pant. For petites this can be difficult to find, but not impossible. An ankle jean may be scary for a petite woman who clings to her 4 inch stilettos, but it can be so flattering with a great pair of flats (I think we should embrace our shorter stature in flats!)

Look at how wonderful petite celebrity Rachel Bilson (5’2″) pulls this look off with her petite stature.

Find something that either tapers into the ankle or goes straight from the knee down.  It should end at the ankle, Allison-Izuif it doesn’t feel free to give it a good tuck & roll. The rolled jean is a great opportunity to show off one of your best assets, your ankle – which is the smallest part of your leg. By showing it off it gives the illusion of a smaller leg, so take hold of all of your longer jeans and give them a good roll for summer! Written by: Allison Izu


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