Jason Wu Blunder at Target

Rarely do we see shoppers freaking out over sweet deals in retail, but fashion designer Jason Wu is the exception to the rule!  Times are tough, our economy is in the dumper, no real end in sight for now, but you wouldn’t know that as fashionistas hit Target in the wee hours of the morning to be first in line to steal Wu’s merchandise off the shelves!

At a recent launch, one shopper in the midwest bought every Jason Wu item the store had available, causing target to rethink their selling strategy and place per customer item limits. Many other stores reportedly sold out within an hour, and thousands of online shopper’s orders were cancelled by Target.

The real shame is that many people are buying these items only to resell them on ebay at a higher price to you.  Our advice, ladies, is to stay away from Jason Wu items being sold on eBay, as the quality is likely not worth a higher-priced markup.  Although the Target collaboration with named designers is a good concept, you still get what you pay for, and the items are surely not designer quality.


While the popularity of the Jason Wu and Missoni collections has been similar, the offerings vary.  The Jason Wu installment features 53 women’s clothing and accessory pieces priced from $20 to $60. The Missoni collection offered 400 items, ranging from clothing to home goods, for $3 to $600. That collection was available at all Target stores, whereas Jason Wu was only offered at select locations.

As you may expect, designer Jason Wu offers us more of the same old tired fashion standards.  The sizing of the line is the usual with flawed scale no petite sizing, which clearly is a miss for the petite female consumer.  I guess we are to believe XS and S are petite, which is the culprit to petite consumers not fitting the clothes atleast 80% of  the time. On the plus side, the price points are a win!

Sweet deal or not, you decide. Tell us below in comments.

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