It’s All About the Booty

Bella Petite "It's All About The Booty"
Celebrity Editor Ann Lauren presents Bella Petite Models looking hot on the runway!

It’s All About the BOOTY

Every time I talk to women about working out or work out with friends of mine, I always get the same question. “How can I make my butt look rounder and more bubbly?”  Yes, the craze used to be “tig ol bitties,” but lets face it;


There are even songs being made about nice butts in every realm of music from country’s “honky tonk badonka donk” too Hip Hips “Booty Meat” and the most sought after stars of the time seem to all have a little junk in the trunk! Is your backside lacking? Join me for a A$$ kicking!

First, we must understand that our butt is a muscle, the “gluteus maximus,” so unless we work that muscle, it’s probably going to get softer and flatter!  That is why it is important to do not only exercise, but do specific exercises that target the area you are working on.

I have had the privilege (and torture) of training under some of the top athletic trainers in the world from David Scott who trained Olympic gold medalist, Jennifer Azzi, as well as Ernie Thompson, former NFL player, and top strength and conditioning coaches at the University of Kentucky and Indiana State University.  They have put me through workouts that made me, so sore I could barely walk the next day and I am here to share them with you so that all my fellow sisters can strut around with a booty, so cute that somebody wants to makes a song about it!

Bella Petite "It's All About The Booty"
Bella Petite “It’s All About The Booty”


Bella Petite "It's All About The Booty"
Bella Petite on how to do squats.


The single BEST butt exercise which has many variations that work each area so it is important to do a variety of these squats!

Standard Squat:

Feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing straight ahead, hands out straight in front, squat SLOWLY squeezing your butt tightly, until the bend of your knee is at a 90-degree angle and hold it at the seated position for one second before slowly standing back up – repeat 3 sets of 10

Pigeon Toe Squat:

Only difference from the standard squat is point toes slightly in towards each other (works the outside of the butt for extra lift!)

-repeat 3 sets of 10

Outward Toe Squat:

Only difference is from standard squat is toes slightly point out away from each other (works the inside of your butt)

Bella Petite "It's All About The Booty"
Bella Petite on how to do split leg squats.

Split leg Squat:

– Take a large step forward with left leg, find your balance, and anchor yourself in a sturdy position with hands on hips.

-Sink hips straight down, keeping chest up and shoulders back

-Pause for a second when you get to the lowest point of your squat and squeeze cheeks the entire time!

-Do 20 with each leg forward

Bella Petite "It's All About The Booty"
Bella Petite on how to do jump squats.

Squat Jumps:

– Start in standard squat position following stand squat directions until you get to the seated position of the squat, without raising up from the squat, jump straight up from the bent knee position

-Going right back into another squat slowly when you land

-Squeeze your cheeks while you jump!

-Do 3 sets of 10 jumps


-The best Gluteus Maximus specific exercise!

Bella Petite "It's All About The Booty"
Bella Petite on how to do Kick-backs.

Kick Backs:

-Get on all fours with arms in a straight push up position while squeezing your abs and cheeks tightly

– Bring right knee slowly to chest and squeeze

– Slowly kick in backwards upward motion, pausing when your leg is fully extended

-Do 20 reps on each leg

Peeing on Fire Hydrant:

-Start position is same as “kick-backs”

– lift right leg a couple inches off the floor, keeping same position (knee should be at 90-degree angle) while lifting your leg like you are “peeing on a fire hydrant”

-knee, should be parallel with and at the same level of your shoulder at the top of the left lift, squeeze at the point

-slowly go back to starting position and repeat without knee ever hitting the floor

-20 reps each leg

Ann-Lauren Bella Petite Magazine Celebrity Editor
Celebrity Editor Ann Lauren’s fitness secrets on Bella Petite Magazine! Stay in shape for life! (Photo by Peter Baratti and Makeup by Coco Yuon) Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2016

Ear Scratchers:

-Start position same as “Peeing on Fire Hydrant” keeping same knee position at a 90-degree angle

– lift leg in circular, motion so that you are imitating a dog scratching their ear with their back leg

-these should be slow circular motion, squeezing abs and cheeks entire time

-20 reps forward scratchers, 20 reps reverse scratchers on each leg

Last but not least, stop the jogging ladies!!!! It does little for burning calories or the booty. Instead to do intervals of walk…SPRINT…walk…SPRINT. The explosion of sprinting builds muscle, tones, and lifts!!!!

Nutrition tip: Eat plenty of protein to help build that bubbly Gluteus Maximus!

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