International Celebrity [Jaymee Ong] [Bigfoot Studios] Movie [Deep Gold] $5k Sweepstakes

Bigfoot Entertainment’s latest movie release “Deep Gold” hit worldwide distribution in over 20 markets on April 22nd.  Enter the Deep Gold $5k Sweepstakes Getaway VACATION!

International model and star of “Deep Gold” Jaymee Ong is hot off the red carpet premiere held at the historic Crest Theatre in Los Angeles.

Cameras flashing and tape rolling, Jaymee was the paparazzi’s favorite target on the red carpet, but, always the consummate performer, Jaymee answered each question with grace and style.  Not to be outshone, “Deep Gold” Producer and Director Michael Gleissner was truly the man of the hour as he walked the red carpet flanked by his beautiful and diverse cast of female stars.

Jaymee started off as a model in her teens in Australia, but quickly learned she didn’t fit the Aussie image of blonde hair, blue eyes and 5’9″ (she fell short at 5’7″ not quite the industry standard).  Nonetheless, she did secure a major campaign with Shisedo cosmetics!

After meeting Jackie Chan in the late 90’s, she moved on to a career in the movies, starring in Jackie Chan’s “Gen-X Cops,” and later “Pearl Harbor and “Cats and Mice.”  Jaymee is currently a television host for Singapore’s “E-Buzz.” With her latest role in “Deep Gold,” Jaymee stars as Jess Sanchez, the big sister of Amy Sanchez played by Bebe Pham.

On this week’s Bell Petite Hour podcast (playing now!) Jaymee Ong (at 5’7″) shares her frustration with fashion and the industry height standards.  Jaymee says she “hates having to alter a pair of jeans.”  Get the inside scoop on “Deep Gold,” and find out how she balances being a new mom with a successful career. Get Jaymee’s thoughts on finding your path to living a fulfilling life through joy, peace and love.

Plus, she dishes some celebrity buzz and the latest gossip in Singapore!

Recently this month, I had the pleasure of interviewing ingenue and international model Laury Prudent a supporting actress in Deep Gold, along with BigFoot Entertainment’s CEO Kacy Andrews on the Bella Petite Hour.   Here’s the link to the article and podcast.

Bella Petite Model Courtney Davies and myself joined the “Deep Gold” cast on the red carpet for the premiere and went onto the after party at Yamato in Westwood.

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Written by: Ann Lauren


Tune in LIVE every Tuesday at 10am PST or 1pm EST to the Bella Petite Hour on America’s Web Radio. This weeks Bella Petite Hour LifeStyle edition featured guest celebrity Jaymee Ong, along with Bella Petite’s New LifeStyle and Yoga expert Dashama.  BELLA PETITE HOUR PODCASTS PLAYING!

If you miss the live broadcast of the show the podcast is available here on Bella Petite and itunes. Here is the link to a complete listing of the Bella Petite Hour radio shows on BellaPetite.

If you miss the live broadcast of the show the podcast is available here on Bella Petiteand itunes.

Here is the link to a complete listing of the Bella Petite Hour radio shows on BellaPetite.

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Bigfoot “Deep Gold” Movie Release: Celebrity Laury Prudent and Executive Kacy Andrews

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