Inspired Leaders Inspire Others: 21 Ways to Strengthen Faith [business] [lifestyle]

Inspired Leaders Inspire Others “21 Ways to Strengthen Faith”


To move forward with passion and conviction every business leader needs to have faith. No matter your spiritual orientation the belief and trust is essential to inspiring others who can and will follow you. An inspired leader is nothing without the ability to impart that inspiration to their staff, clients and vendors. Robert Russell offers this very practical list in how to foster and strengthen Faith within each of us.

I would suggest you post this somewhere you can glance at it daily to remind you of these important characteristics.

1.) Be expectant, confident and optimistic.

2.) Keep your enthusiasm strong: never allow yourself to be discouraged or depressed.

3.) Charge your mind with interest, enthusiasm, ambition

4.) Keep your ambition and aspirations high; cultivate patience and perseverance.

5.) Keep your imagination centered in what you want and keep your faith moving towards it.

6.) Keep your consciousness expanding. Growing and moving to higher levels.

7.) Be positive in your thought, feeling and action.

8.) Accentuate the positive in every situation. Never allow yourself to dwell upon misery, sickness, operations, symptoms, reverses, misfortunes or bad luck.

9.) Never depreciate, criticize, minimize or speak disparagingly of yourself. Never dwell upon your mistakes. Think always of yourself as growing, expanding and becoming more efficient, resourceful and dynamic.

10.) Look for the good in everything and everybody. Refuse to recognize anything but good.

11.) Seek the best of everything and know that your mind will produce it.

12.) Think in large sums. The more you expect, the more faith will bring you.

13.) Convince your mind that what you seek is already here, that it is yours now.

14.) Train your mind to think in terms of abundance; never allow it to dwell upon lack or limitation in any form.

15.) Stimulate your facilities and talents by increasing your demand upon them.

16.) When you meet trouble of any kind, refuse to be worried or disturbed by it. Know that you are bigger than any adverse thing that happens to you and have the power to overcome it.

17.) Meet every problem with the conviction that it is already solved. See it as an opportunity to prove God.

18.) Face every difficulty with courage, strength and fortitude; determined to turn it to good account.

19.) Know that you have the power to adjust anything, change anything, correct anything, overcome anything or subdue anything.

20.) Act always with the Truth; and never allow yourself to compromise with evil. If the Truth is to make you free, you must rely upon it. You must pass from belief to trust.

21.) Believe the unbelievable. God goes all out for you when you go all out for God.

Practice makes perfect. And you don’t need to be perfect to have an impact.

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  1. This was really good! I really love the tip to see the good in everything and everyone. One thing I always remind my children. Life is what you make it…so happy to see that Maria is now on board:) Fantab!

  2. Truly inspiring, words to live by! Funny how this popped up just when I needed to hear it the most! Thanks Bella Petite! Staff and Maria Gamb! 🙂

  3. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

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