INspaces Comedian & Host Erika Wasser’s Takes on Dating & Fashion in Dubai

dating in dubaiDating and Fashion In Dubai

The one thing I have to give to the UAE government is that they really do look after, and take care of, their people. Proof? Dating is illegal. No heartbreak. No “do I have a boyfriend or just a possible STD”. None of it. The downside is that you may be forced to marry your cousin.

Outside of the expats, who function with western social norms, women and men that are unmarried don’t eat together, they cannot live together as signing a lease together requires a marriage certificate, and PDA is punishable by jail [a law I would love to enforce stateside].

I wish I could judge the Dubai dating scene and say it is like XYZ, but it’s far closer to my dating life in New York: non-existent! There are exceptions, expats and non-muslim people and they function and are just as miserable &/or ecstatic as the rest of us. Free to subscribe to Bella Petite!

2 thoughts on “INspaces Comedian & Host Erika Wasser’s Takes on Dating & Fashion in Dubai”

  1. Wow! Interesting… The women in Dubai are great example of classy, conservative and sexy! I would love to visit their mall. I remember seeing Kim Kardashion visiting Dubai also. Dubai and the people of Dubai are beautiful! As an aspiring model, it’s always exciting learning more about fashion and the fashionistas all around the world. Great article Erika! ツ

  2. I did not know about the ice skating rink & indoor ski-slope! Women from India are so beautiful and classy. I have a handful of friends who were born and raised in Dubai and hope to one day visit there. The intricate and elegant patterns & designs are stunning, and the culture is very interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us Bella Petite readers! 🙂

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