India’s Largest Beauty Pageant Crowns a 5’3″ Queen!

Center Eram, Left Sha
Center Eram, Left Sha

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!  It’s crazy that lack of height somehow contributes to lack of beauty.  That’s the age old stereo type we at Bella Petite are here to break down.  Consider this Miss America crowned their first beauty queen in 1921 and she was 5’1″, after that there have only been five petite queens throughout the pageants history.  That’s obnoxious!  Exactly, why I created the “USA Petite Model Show,” for petite women 5’5″ and under.  Over hundred thousand petite women have joined the petite fashion movement!

“In a beauty contest, height may be the primary criterion but a lot more counts. If you have the poise, grace and style, you are sure to make it,” said petite first runner-up Shyashree, flashing her dimpled smile.  Looking at the photograph of the contestants, you can see the winner Karim is the most beautiful! Also, it appears that both the winner and first runner-up likely both are shorter than 5’3″, remember the rule most models and actresses lie about their height.  I imagined the girls are likely 5’1″ tall! LOL

It seems first runner-up Shyashree Saiki feels she lost the crown due to her height.  A clear favourite among the judges and the audience from round one at the pageant, Shyashree had all the right chances. But those rooting for her still feared that her height could stand in the way of the crown.

Judging from the photos and reports I’ve read the best girl won despite lack of height, India beauty Eram Karim, from Jorhat.  India Queen Karim stated, ” l stole the show at the Dabur Gulabari Sananda Tilottama 2009 and rewrote some ramp rules that worship inches and long limbs.”

India beauty queen Eram Karim breaks down the old standards.  Proving you don’t have to be tall to be beautiful!  Bella Petite congratulates Karim and Saikia for their performances and taking the stage!

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