Important Job Seeking Advice For Women

 Why Corporate Recruiters Won’t Work With You

There is a common theme that recruiters are insensitive to job seekers. Specifically, the complaints of most candidates are that recruiters don’t tell them where they stand in the process, don’t return calls and are quick to move onto the next deal.

Recruiter’s perspective

All day long we talk to candidates and attempt at being helpful. You are one of perhaps hundreds that have called on any given day. In recession, we too, get tired while you get increasing more frustrated with the process. Free to subscribe to Bella Petite!

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts when working with any corporate recruiter:


  • Don’t call my desk and pretend that you are looking for someone else – like the hiring manager.
  • Don’t ask me to consider you on something else when I can’t place you at all due to a smudge on your background or that you clearly don’t qualify. I cannot if you don’t check the boxes. Even if I did, this would quickly stop on someone else’s desk and blow my credibility in the organization.
  • Don’t fool yourself with my sincere effort to be helpful. My job is limited and I am not the do or die between you and any job. I am not your source. Furthermore, emotional manipulation will not get you hired.
  • Don’t call me and insist that you are qualified, when you are not and we uncovered that on the phone. This behavior is unnecessary and argumentative.
  • Don’t call and email me incessantly asking me what the manager thinks. If I heard from them, I would have called you already. You’re stalking me and it’s uncomfortable. This is why I don’t return calls or emails. I have no news and now you have aggravated me. Free to subscribe to Bella Petite!


  • Ask professionally during our first conversation about the process. The process is not about you, your skills or your qualifications. We already talked about that. The process is about the manager’s timing, the organization’s timing and if/when we will hire anyone – not just you.
  • Ask how many candidates I’m speaking with for this particular role.
  • Do ask permission to follow up with me within a few business days regarding your status in relation to the role we discussed. Chances are very high that I will remember you asked and I will remember you when you call and will be motivated to give you an update.
  • Do – above all things – remember that I am extremely busy. The bigger the company I work for, the more demands I have on my plate.
  • I am more than some obligatory administrative function. I should be viewed as bridge between you and opportunity, not an obstacle. I am here to help you!

Corporate America recruiters have a lot hitting their desk. For example, Google had two million resumes uploaded online in one year. How’s that for workload?

Please feel free to ask questions and tell us what you think in comments below. Written by: Elizabeth Lions


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