How to Stay Warm in a Halter Dress


It’s that chilly time of the year when you need to know how to stay warm in a halter dress. This season many of your favorite petite celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria and Hayden Panettiere are reaching for a cover-up to keep them warm. The halter dress is great for petite women to wear in any season and most occasions whether formal or informal. Many of us like to wear this style dress, but it’s not always ideal in cooler temperatures, so for our two strapped shoulder baring friends, we have several suggestions for how to stay warm this season!

Silk-Undergarments-Slip-Long underwear-Bella-Petite1. For super chilly climates choose an undergarment that can help seal in the warmth. I recommend luxurious silky slips and long underwear. They are perfect for almost every outfit you can think of, especially for your halter dress. For instance, a silky, strapless full slip that ends above the hemline will allow you add additional layers on top.

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