How To Minimize Schoolwork Stress

School Work StressTips on Minimizing School Work Stress

Did you notice I did not title this article, “Tips on Avoiding School Work Stress”? I have to be perfectly candid with my readership; the only way to completely avoid schoolwork-related stress is to drop out of school. Now, you and I both know that is not an option.

Furthermore, like I tell my own high school students: “A little bit of stress is okay; it’s how you handle the stress that really matters.”Stressed over School Work I did get a few quizzical looks from my students, but I hold firm. Some stress can teach students to cope and handle difficult situations, which is a life skill necessary for success in the work place.

Okay, so now that I’ve managed to portray stress as an annoying, but necessary friend. I also need to add that too much stress can be harmful to one’s health; just ask any medical doctor. Lets move on to some helpful advice that got me through my high school and college years (with just enough stress to keep me on my toes). By the way, I am also writing this article from the perspective of a mom to a high school-aged son.

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