How to Manage Bad Bosses: Tips for Surviving & Thriving! [business] [lifestyle]

This week on the Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren) will be co-host Bella Petite business expert  Maria Gamb author of best selling book “Healing The Corporate World”. We will be talking about  how to manage bad bosses, tips for surviving & thriving under fire.

Based on the book “Working for You Isn’t Working for Me” Do you love your job but perhaps don’t really like your boss?  Is that boss difficult to say the least and most days its just plain challenging?

Let executive coach, Kathi Elster and psychotherapist Katherine Crowley show you how to get over bosses who play head games, think they’re Big Daddy or perhaps Mother Superior. They will also show you what behaviors and skills you may need to deploy to make that relationship work.

Katherine Crowley is a Harvard trained psychotherapist, and Kathi Elster is a management consultant and executive coach, create the yin and yang of their company, K Squared Enterprises. Bestselling authors, educators, public speakers, executive coaches, and veteran consultants, Katherine and Kathi are seasoned guides in the area of professional fulfillment  through self-awareness and self-management.


Tune in LIVE every Tuesday at 10am PST or 1pm EST to the Bella Petite Hour on America’s Web Radio. This week join Ann and Maria for the latest business tips for surviving, thriving and being fulfilled in the career you want!  If you miss the live broadcast of the show the podcast is available here on BellaPetite and itunes.  You can find a complete listing of our shows.


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