How To Look Taller Fashion Tips

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Petite Fashion Advice On How To Look Taller

Bella Petite Magazine understands that it is difficult to find that perfect petite fit, so we want to help you focus on some specific styles, clothing items and accessories that you can find from with many great fashion brands and at department stores! Seriously, the key to looking great is understanding your figure type and what looks best on your petite frame. This is an issue all women deal with no matter their height, but with that said we want to focus on fashion issues for petite women 5’5″ tall and shorter.

Here are the key basics that are well-suited for your closet, regardless if you are an XS or a plus-size petite, these are the simple necessities for 2014!


1. Short Skirts: Oh, how we love ’em and as a rule, may we suggest that you choose skirts that are a minimum of two inches above your knee.  Depending on the style, which there are at least fifteen to talk about, but we think there are several mainstays for your closet from a-line, to modern minis and straight skirts.  We are positive they will flatter your figure and elongate your petite frame. These styles will compliment most figure types (hour glass, apple, pear,  banana to the inverted triangle), like you see on petite celeb Olivia Palermo (5’4″)! Definitely don’t wear granny length skirts (tea length) and or ankle length skirts because they will make you look shorter.

Petite Women Pant Trends and Styles2. Straight Leg Pants: We know this seasons’ trendsetters are touting high-waisted pants, but, like we always say, not all trends are created equal, nor are they flattering to a petite woman’s figure.  Trends come and go.  Stick with what looks good on you!  We suggest a few favorable styles that are low to medium rise and boot cut, straight, skinny to a small fashionable flared pant style to help your legs look trim and long like petite fashionista Eva Longoria (5’1″). However, if you are petite with big hips than high-waisted pants may be a good option for you, so give them a try!


3. V-necks:  Clean lines always look great on most any figure and this is where a simple V neck or scoop-neck tee, to collared blouse and racer back tees will look great on you! Plus V-necks look good on most any bust line.  This is a simple tip because low neckline shirts add the appearance of length to any body, as seen on petite celebrity Ashley Greene (5’5″).

Small to medium bags

4. Small to medium sized bags: There are so many options for bags to pick from! You don’t need a beach tote bag, duffle bag, or silly super long unadjustable strapped over the shoulder shopper bag.  Just don’t give in to the oversized trends, since they will overpower you.  Really, keep it sleek, petite!

2014 Shoe Styles For Petite Women

5. Wedges, platforms and high heels are all the rage this season.  Rule numero uno: don’t buy into wearing flats!  There’s nothing more unflattering to your legs than flats! You want to look sexy with great calves, so try and wear a shoe that is at minimum, of two to four inches.  We think nothing looks prettier than a sexy three-inch stiletto heel if you can bare the foot pain.  Nobody ever claimed that looking great was easy, or pain-free!  Written by: Ann Lauren

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6 thoughts on “How To Look Taller Fashion Tips”

  1. If you are a tall person and would like to acquire the desirable petite look this can be obtained with a few visual adjustments ,a flatter shoe showing the toe,a larger handbag longer length jackets, below the knee skirts ,small poodles can be exchanged for larger versions giving a better body to dog ratio, but can cause problems when carried over a distance, as a fanatical admirer of the shorter framed lady and ambassador for short people world wide and narrow I am keen to assist .yours faithfully Lee d Martin 5’4 and a half.

  2. “Definitely don’t wear granny length skirts (tea length) and or ankle length skirts because they will make you look shorter.”

    I think this is part of the mentality that has to be changed, that we shouldn’t do things that we’re afraid will make us look shorter. There is nothing wrong with looking shorter (not saying that you’re implying that), but petite women should feel free to wear whatever they want without the fear that it will make them look shorter because, so what if it does?

    The title of the article is also questionable considering this is a website about inspiring petite women to feel empowered in who they are, and I personally do not actively seek out tips on “how to look taller” because I’m happy with my height, and I wear clothes that I love, not because they make me look taller.

    This is ultimately catering to society’s mindset that to be taller is better, so we have to be careful not to fall into that trap.

    1. Hello Anna, thank you for expressing your thoughts with us.

      While you may not actively seek out tips on “how to look taller” millions of petite women around the world do look for this advice. FYI: came directly to us with the media metrics they researched and asked our editor to supply the answer to this question and dozens of other questions relating to fashion advice for petite women. Most of our “How To” advice is based on our readers requests and media metrics.

      We are pleased that you enjoy reading Bella Petite Magazine!

  3. I really like your magazine this is my favorite on the net! I read you every day! The variety of subjects that you cover gives me some thing new to read all the time 🙂

  4. I agree with Anna, I like being my height 5ft.3 and will not fall into the trap of feeling less than because I’m not average height or tall. Any one who promises to make me look taller and thinner by dressing me, I’m not into. I am interested in fashions that are cut for the petite frame and make me look good at any height or weight. I think that’s what every woman wants, short or tall.

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