How To Dress a Short Torso 10 Petite Fashion Tips

Ann-Lauren-Editor-Bella-PetiteFor many of us, selecting the right clothes for a figure flattering fit may be a daunting task.  Especially if you have not properly identified your figure type as apple, pear shaped, hour glass, rectangle (athletic) or inverted triangle.

Then, to complicate matters, you discover your legs are longer than your upper body and your hip line is higher than half of your height, meaning proportionally you have a short torso.Five-Figure-Types

You may find that tops and dresses are an issue because they tend to bunch up, or they are baggy around your mid-section and that’s not flattering.

In order to create the illusion of a perfect figure, you must balance your proportions.  To do this you must select tops, pants, skirts and dresses that elongate your torso to give you the perfect proportional balance for a longer leaner you!

For petite women with a short torso, I personally suggest that not every fashion trend offered each season is worth paying attention too like for instance high-waisted pants, shorts and skirts. This trend too shall pass relatively fast, so don’t participate if you want to look your best! That’s my best advice, because as we all know fashion trends along with fashion designers don’t always have your figure in mind (like our proportion & proper scale) when scheming up a new trend.

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