How To Create a Clutter & Stress-Free Environment

Kitchen Counter Clutter Bella Petite Magazine
How to Clear Out Kitchen Counter Clutter on Bella Petite Magazine

The kitchen counters and cabinets can be another stressful area. To tackle this project, I suggest emptying all the drawers and cabinets into shopping bags. Sort items, such as dishes, glassware, containers, kitchen utensils, pots and pans. Make sure to toss broken items, or donate items you don’t use. If you have storage containers with no lids, don’t toss, reuse them in the drawers as dividers and organizers for; tea bags, or packets of sugar, salt and pepper or miscellaneous do-dads.  If you have extra lids and containers stack them into a shoe size plastic bin, this will prevent them from falling and losing them in a remote area of your cabinets.

Bella Petite kitchen organizing ideas
Bella Petite kitchen Organizing Ideas

Next, place Command 3m hooks underneath the inside of your cabinets these work well and are great for hanging kitchen utensils and pots and pans. Also, you can use Command 3m Cabinet Caddies to store your sponge and dish soap; another way to use the caddy is to store trash bags. Tired of wondering where you left your  cell phone or ipad try the Smart Phone Caddy and reduce stress by 50%, or better yet the latest innovation by xWallDock!

Cell Phone-Ipad-Caddy-Chargers-Bellapetite
Cell Phone Ipad Caddy Chargers On Bella Petite

Keep your kitchen counter space clutter-free. No matter the size of your space, sometimes this can be difficult. Instead of decorating the counter top with free-standing wine bottles, the Wine Bar is a convenient way to store your bottles and openers. It even looks neat on any kitchen counter. Also, you can carry the wine over to the dinner table and have your special guest make his/her choice right out of the rack. When you run out of wine, no problem because it can be easily folded and conveniently stored in any of your cabinets.

Wine Rack
Wine Rack Organizer on Bella Petite

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