How To Create a Clutter & Stress-Free Environment

messy desk bella petite magazine
Bella Petite: How To Create a Clutter & Stress-Free Environment.

A messy desk is something that can cause stress at work or even at home. Maintaining a clutter-free desk can be a challenge especially when you have a busy schedule and limited space. However, there is hope! To minimize visual desk clutter, the first thing I recommend is to pull out your cell phone and snap a shot of your desk. Taking a photograph will give the perspective of an outsider looking in.

Next you should throw-out papers you don’t need. Grab a bunch of manila files and start to sort papers into the folders. Use sticky notes as temporary name holders until you decide how you are going to file them. Add a tiered rolling file cabinet, these are neat because you can hide them under the desk, or fit them into a small storage closet. These modern file cabinets come in an array of fun colors that can brighten up any space while putting a smile on your face!

Bella Petite Modern Desk Organization
Bella Petite: Modern Desk Organization

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