How To Create a Clutter & Stress-Free Environment

Bella Petite on Color Trends
Bella Petite: How To Create a Clutter & Stress-Free Environment.

Primetime interior design star Vanessa Deleon from HGTV has design tips to help create stress and a clutter free environment.

The first thing when looking at the interior of a home is honing in on the best colors for your walls. The walls are an instant canvas where I can imagine and create how I want the room to feel. Colors effect your mood.  Selecting paint colors that reflect a vibrant or modern appeal to a relaxed and soothing atmosphere are as important as the furniture you sit on.

To create that relaxing vibe, use warm earth tones. For more of a modern, or lively flow mix in some colors. Keep in mind that lighter colors expand and brighten your living space. When mixed in with wood accents, brick, agates and ceramics make beautiful contrasts that create exhilarating, or a harmonious earthy Zen look to any room.

 Color Trends Bella Petite Magazine 2016
Bella Petite on Color Trends

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