Hot Petite Celebrities in Sports illustrated Swimsuit Editions!

Pretty Petites Popping up in the Swimsuit Edition

Although Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues have not had any petite models on their covers, I must give them some credit due to the fact that they have allowed petites in their magazine.  I already mentioned earlier the gorgeous petite race-car driver, Danica Patrick,” who had a four-page spread taken in Singer Island, Florida in 2008, was among the many tantalizing-petites that have appeared throughout the swimsuit issues.

In 2003, as a featured athlete, “Ekaterina Gordeeva an electrifying Olympic pair-skater, appeared in a spread that took many breaths away!  This sexy-petite, standing only 5’1”, introduced her layout wearing a red one-piece bathing suit that was made up of pleats from top to bottom – her amazing, petite figure showed through exceptionally well and came across differently than it does in her ice-skating outfits. Her second page illustrated a playful-petite, parading around in a sexy pink bikini with a semi-sheer, ruffled, pink and orange polka-dot cover-up (which is a great accessory to have during any year). Wow! She looked incredible!

In the 2010 Swimsuit Edition, they featured quite a few petite-stars, like, “2010-Olympic” beauties:U.S. snowboarder – Clair Bidez (5’2”), Olympic-Champion snowboarder – Hannah Teter (barely 5’6”), and the small-as-a-hummingbird, aerial skier – Lacy Schnoor (5’1”).  They were photographed in bathing suits on the slopes of Whistler, Canada.

Also featured are some of the favorite dancers from the hit ABC, TV show series, Dancing with the Stars!” The dancers were photographed with the athletes they competed with on the show – they include the petite-favorites: Cheryl Burke, who stands like a peacock at 5’4” (my opinion!), Chelsie Hightower, the young, 5′.2” “So You Think You can Dance” contestant, and the very svelte and almost petite, Edyta Sliwinska (5’6”)!  Evidently, this “cover” and issue was going to be so “big,” that “David Letterman” announced on his show, February 8th, who the cover model was going to be.  Do you know who it is?  Well then, click the corresponding link and find out!

Now That’s A Lot of Dough…Boys!

Sports Illustrated, owned by “Time Warner,” generates over 23 million readers each week, which includes 18 million men – that’s 19% of the adult males in the United States, alone!

It’s the first magazine to reach over one million with circulation, allowing it to win the “National Magazine Award for General Excellence,” twice! (See, men like looking at “Amazon” women – they just don’t necessarily want to date them <wink>! Oh come on now…I’m just kidding!).

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is in its 46th year (2010) and envelops over 66 million people – that’s 1 out of 3 adults in the United States!  Since the time of its conception, including all of the event marketing divisions, digital engine, mobile platforms and the hoards of consumer products (i.e., DVD’s, books, calendars, video games, etc.), the franchise has brought in over $1-BILLION dollars in proceeds!

Smart Thinking  Or, Petite-Stupidity?

Trailing only the Super Bowl, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine possesses the second-largest audience in sports – UGH…Men!  You can’t live with’em, and you can’t keep them from watching “football,”…and apparently from looking at women wearing sexy bathing suits! (Hell, that’s never been different!). It’s really unfortunate that Sports Illustrated magazine is so narrow-minded in their selection of a swimsuit model for their cover – they’ve played a monstrous role in catapulting the careers of many famous Amazons, such as: Kathy Ireland, Heidi Klum and Elle McPherson.

Amazon model, and creater and host of “America’s Next Top Model,” Tyra Banks was the first African-American model on the cover of SI (and GQ). It really pisses me off though, that the struggling, but, oh-so-talented, petite model out there, can’t catch a break like they did.  I would think that given the average height of women in the country is under 5’5”, companies like Sports Illustrated, who deal in advertisement, fashion, news, sports (and consumerism), would want to try and capitalize even more! I just don’t get limiting one’s options and available “petite” models,” especially when it comes to MONEY!  Written by: Tana Corporon


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