Hot Male Model Who Loves Petite Women! [petite models] [petite fashion]

Ladies, here is a man worth paying attention too!  Meet a totally delicious hot male model, “Who Love’s Petite Women!”  My experience has been men prefer petites.  In fact, evolutionary facts support my point of view.

Here is what I learned about this male model at a recent bridal shoot.

Chad Samuels was born in Charleston, SC where he quickly became a “world traveler baby.” His parents lived on a huge ship, which provided humanitarian aid to poor countries.  He was raised by a Jewish entrepreneur and poet from the Bronx and a 5’2 southern beauty queen, his life was anything, but ordinary.  Before the age of 7, he had traveled to over fifteen countries and lived off-ship in two of them.

Chad’s friends came from all over the world.  He has always been attracted to the stage, whether it was playing his guitar, or doing street drama and just clowning around with friends. By the age of thirteen, he knew what his life goals were: travel the world and live out his faith through music, acting, and modeling.

After moving back to the United States from ship life and in between travels to Kenya and Ecuador, he stayed involved in theater, band, and music.  After high school he continued to pursue his goals in Argentina, Israel, and Australia. He returned to the states in December 2009, where he enjoys writing music, spending quiet days with his Border Collie- Oliver, working out to stay in shape, and pursuing his ambitions.

Chad’s Interview Q and A(s)

Chad’s dream modeling job: Cover of GQ

Chad’s dream acting job: Martin Scorsese film with PETITE actress Natalie Portman


“No guy wants to have to stand on his toes to kiss a girl! I would choose a “petite over an amazon” any day!”

Chad on Bella Petite:

“I totally get what Bella Petite is all about .   I am going to jump on board and support the petite fashion movement.  My sister, Grace Samuels, thought she was too short to model (5’3), but loves the industry, so she became a make up artist.  She is a big supporter of Bella Petite and was the MUA for the Bella Petite Magazine Fashion Show in Atlanta.  I encourage all of you beautiful petite women to be confident in your efforts to change industry standards.  You must show them you believe in yourself to make them believe in you!”

Show Chad some “petite love!”

Chad Samuels: model /actor / musician

Current City: Atlanta, Georgia

Age: 22

Sign: Leo

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Written by: Angela Phillips


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11 thoughts on “Hot Male Model Who Loves Petite Women! [petite models] [petite fashion]”

  1. My brother and I were just discussing your very topic, he’s always endeavouring to prove me wrong. Your view on this is perfect and exactly how I really feel. I just now emailed my brother this site to show him your own view. Right after looking over your blog I saved and will be coming back to read your posts!

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  5. Looking at several of your articles I actually found this particular one to be wonderful. I have a weblog and would wish to repost several snips of your articles in my weblog. Should it be okay if I use this so long as I reference your website or create a inbound link to the write-up I took the snip from? If not I realize and would never do it with out your authorization . I have book marked this particular article to twitter and zynga accounts intended for reference. Anyway many thanks either way!

  6. Just a few words from a proud father… Congratulations Chad, you've always been the totally handsome to mom and me. Everywhere we travelled in the world people were taken with not only the physical attractiveness of you and Grace but your personalities have always brought such wonderful comments of praise; I would love to see an article on "Brother and Sister" that encourages other siblings to get along as well as you and Grace do.
    PS: I
    d evem allow the use of some of the poems I've written about you two.
    Paul Samuels

  7. Wow..Chad..I'm so proud of you cuz….you have really come a long way, I'm glad you got into modeling because I always said you were good looking just to hyper, lol..remember the day I took you down because you were driving me nuts with your hyperness, that was so funny, lol..well anyway. I'm just so proud, keep up the good work, just dont ever forget who you are and where you came from, keep climbing up that ladder, love ya babe..Yvonne

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