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There are times when we all hit the wall.  We hit that wall when we start to wonder whether or not what we’re doing is making any kind of impact – not just on ourselves and our families, but also on those around us. So many times I have heard people ask, “Am I supposed to be working at the job I currently have?” People question their level of fulfillment and wonder what it’s all for – especially given all that’s transpired from an economic standpoint over the past few years.

Something’s gone awry in business. On morning radio and TVshows, pundits argue one way or the other about how to cure this problem. Recently I watched one commentator waving a large red pointer as he jumped up and down about financial projections and shortfalls. But is this really what’s going to motivate business to change and bring it back to its bastion of integrity and profitability?

Executives and entrepreneurs alike are facing the same problems: lack of motivation, less than stellar morale, and lack of fulfillment or a sense of accomplishment. They are fearful about their security and future.

But simply leaving the corporate world and working for oneself is not necessarily the solution. Sitting in a local coffee shop the other day, I overheard a conversation where one professional-looking woman was speaking to her sympathetic friend. As she sipped her Americano, I heard the woman say, “I just want to walk out of this job and go weave baskets on the beach in Bali!”

Her friend replied, “Hey at least you have a steady job! I’m self-employed and it feels that way for me too. I thought I was supposed to be happier this way. I thought I was going to feel fulfilled doing work I believed in. But I can’t honestly say I am.”

They both stared at each other, looking beleaguered.  People want to feelproductive. People want to make a difference where they work no matter what it is that they do. Many are tired of the problems we’ve faced in business year after year and are fed up. And they want to be making a better living (read money). However they are not quite sure how anything will get better.

So what’s the alternative?  It actually starts with each person– from corporate executives to the office worker to the self-employed– realizing that they are so much more powerful than they know, and by taking personal responsibility for their own happiness and fulfillment. It means they will have to make a shift and undergo the same kind of transformation needed in many businesses today: working from the inside out.

We start change by changing ourselves.  I thought this topic was of such importance, I wrote a whole book on the subject called “Healing the Corporate World”: how value-based leadership transforms business from the inside out.

Written By: Maria Gamb

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  1. How wonderful this show was! Ann and Maria are team BellaPetite! Great insights and knowledge you all shared. I gained a tremendous amount information from the show!

  2. I really felt this show to be beneficial! Totally interesting for the entire show you are the best girlfriends! Must get a copy of Maria’s book now!

  3. I just listened and loved this one! Very interesting discussion. I want to know when Maria will be on again and I just know it will be good!

  4. Ann and Maria rcoked the mic again with great discussion! Good advice and love hearing women in business sharing their insights 🙂

  5. Want to tell you I really liked this one! You ladies are very smart and good to learn from. Will be looking to next week! I will be there too!

  6. I plan to buy your book after listening to you I really believe in your message and thoughtful logic. This is such a good thing bella is doing for us! Thank you!

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