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For my fellow adventure travel lovers out there, I have some very exciting news to report! Last month, while I was leading my annual 30 day yoga teacher training retreat in Bali, celebrity Celeste Thorson joined us. She is best known for Destination X and Destination Luxury. While on location we spent two weeks filming a new TV show called Alohas World: Bali. This will be the pilot show for a 13 episodic season, intended for release on popular prime time TV and Travel TV networks in the USA and internationally.

What is Alohas World, you may wonder?

Alohas has a dual meaning. One meaning is more linguistic and captures the tropical essence of the word Aloha, which offers significant depth and grace to the common greeting “Hello” that we use in the English language.

Aloha is more like the word “Namaste,” then “Hello,” it carries a deep resonance that says, “I send you love and blessings for a beautiful day,” when I say this to you, I see deeper than your skin, I see your heart and soul.Dashama-Celeste-Thorson-Alohas-World-TV

The other meaning is an acronym, (ALOHAS) “Authentic Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability” which represents a large and rapidly growing market segment of consumers who are primarily interested in experiencing what is good for the earth and the people, as opposed to what is damaging and/or harmful. LOHAS viewers represent over 20% of the US population already (numbers are much higher in Asia and Europe) and the number is increasing exponentially.

Lohas minded individuals are more likely to watch shows on National Geographic, Oprah Winfrey Network, Discovery or PBS and they tend to rely upon publications like Prevention and National Geographic Magazine over other options.

These days, more people are beginning to see the value and benefit of living an “Alohas Life,” which is demonstrated by the popularity of practicing yoga, exercising, eating organic foods, living sustainably and giving back to important causes to Dashama-Bali-TVbring balance and harmony back into the world.

We see the world from a holistic perspective and we desire to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’ as Gandhi, so eloquently said.

What can you expect when you watch this show?

In a 30 minute format, we were able to capture the magic and beauty of the exotic island of Bali in four fun filled and informational packed segments: Lifestyle (Healthy Cuisine), Health (Fitness/Yoga), Sustainability (Organic gardening, healing medicinal local plants, sustainable architecture) and of course: Local Culture.

We visited many breathtaking sites on the island and captured epic moments to share with you.  Also, we integrated my yoga students and classes into the pilot show offering you a sneak peak into the life changing retreats we experience every year in Bali.

Celeste-Thorson-Alohas-DashamaI can’t wait to share this new television show with you! Please feel free to reach out to the myself, or the show’s Executive Director Celeste Thorson directly.

Celeste is an inspiring actress, director and activist with a heart of gold and an innovative vision for this show that is engaging!

Alohas World TV is destined for greatness, because it has an important message whose time has come.  These days you can’t turn on the internet, read a magazine, newspaper, TV or movie without seeing the LOHAS movement being integrated in some form.

Everyday we see encouraging headlines about yoga and sustainable architecture that is blossoming around the world!  And now even the government mandates and gives tax exemptions encouraging hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. Welcome to 2013 my friends: Alohas World is here to stay! Written by: Dashama of Perfect10Lifestyle

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