Have Petite Legs, Will Travel “ideal body” [petite women] [petite models]

Petite Deformity of Another Kind “Distraction Osteogenesis…callus distraction…callotasis and osterodistraction are all part of the same thing – breaking the tibia and fibula, and inserting the Fixator – HUH?? Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, right?! Well, it’s not – it’s called: Limb lengthening, and although it was introduced in 1905 as “corrective” surgery for developmental deformities, it is now becoming the newest breakthrough in cosmetic surgery…and, has become a sick deformity in a “beauty regimen.”

We’ve all heard the horror stories from petite media reporter, “Lisa Ling,” (from the Oprah Show), as well as retold  by our very own Bella Petite Editor-in-Chief, “Ann Lauren.” Asian women (and please, no hate mail, I am NOT saying “all” Asian women or Asian Cultures do this – only going off past news reports) getting their legs broken in 4 different places; with steel pins inserted and a metal scaffold frame around their legs, with screws attached they twist and turn daily so they can be “beautified,” and socially and industrially accepted.

It’s not hard to understand why this concept in their culture exists or why they will go to great lengths, (no pun intended), to be tall…especially after reading New York Times’ article, “North Korea Stretches Standards for Success.” This story follows a mother and her two very young children (ages 5 and 4) as they get their $770 a month-treatment for growth. NOW COMES THE BRAINWASHING PART:

A Petite Message, Loud and Clear

“It’s okay dear,” the hopeful mother says, as she tries to manipulate the thoughts of her frightened five year old daughter who is getting more acupuncture needles placed throughout her petite body. “It will make you pretty and tall…it will make you Cinderella!” CINDERELLA!!? Are you kidding? Evidently, I must have missed the part in the story where Cinderella was stabbed repeatedly in the wrists, scalp and corners of the mouth by tons of needles; or the fact that “Cinderella” is “tall” in the first place, which I don’t believe to be true.

The aforementioned statement above from the mother definitely sent a resounding, negative message to the little girl that will unfortunately play over and over again in her head as she grows up – The message being: “You’re not pretty because you’re not TALL!”

Taller is Better

“In our society, it’s all about looks,” the mother confesses, “I’m afraid my daughter is shorter (she meant, more “petite”) than her peers. I don’t want her to be ridiculed and lose self-confidence because of her height.” If you’re a mom and reading this, then you’re probably like me with your jaw on the ground…if you’re a petite woman and reading this, then again, you’re probably like me with your jaw on the ground! Who says things like this?   Well, evidently MANY Korean and Chinese parent’s believe, and teach (hence brainwashing) that, “being tall will be crucial to their children’s success – while at school and later, when they seek jobs and mates.”

Shame on YOU!

Regardless of what country you come from, or what you’re “culture” may be…How can a mother, or anyone for that matter, teach an innocent child that “taller” equals success…equals beauty…equals more friends…even a mate?   You may be saying, “Because that’s just the way it is there, and how their brought up.” Well, I say, “BULL-(blanket-blank)!” If a mother is smart enough to look into what can make her child all these things, then why shouldn’t we think that she is smart enough to look beyond the “westernized lie” and further into why she shouldn’t put her child through grueling needle pokes, treadmill contraptions and “deer antler” tonics twice a day, thus leading them to possibly consider a very painful and dangerously extreme surgery? Why shouldn’t we think “shame on you” for not accepting your child AS IS, (cosmetically speaking, of course) “petite” and all!?”

PETITE before, PETITE now…and PETITE after

It’s truly unfortunate that the westernized ideology of what “beauty” is (conditioned and molded by the media, advertisers and fashion guru’s of this society – telling us, on their terms, what “acceptable beauty” is), has clearly saturated through to the petites of the East and coated their minds with an unattainable dream, full of DECEPTION and FALSE APPEARANCES!

People just don’t understand the negative impact that magazines, such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle,  and  others that focus on “Tall = Beauty,” have on our minds and why do they equate being “petite” as being ugly, unsuccessfull …friendless? Because the magazines that we’ve drooled over each and every month while growing up, conditioned our minds into believing the “untouchables” of this world are tall, thin, waif-like, amazons…and that’s what PETITE women have to be in order to achieve the greater things in life.  Such nonsense!

The derogatory language and loose terminology that is used to describe “petite” women, i.e., shorty, CUTE little thing, “like a powerpuff girl” and “little people,” (hence my angry response to New York Times writer, Maria Ricapito) creates a ticking time bomb in many petite women; making them go to extreme lengths…to GET length!


The risks for this surgery can be quite extreme if not preformed properly. The number one risk, of course, is infection in the bones from the breakage and the holes that are required for the instrument inserted and screws (um, is it me, or does this just sound utterly ridiculous to do?). Here’s a direct quote from the Encyclopedia of Surgery on Limb Lengthening – “AMPUTATION” is done IF the procedure fails.” Like, O-M-G! Yeah, I’ll accept that “risk,” pfft…who needs a leg anyway!? Please…

Petites – From The North, South, East and West

This issue has been raised targeting the Asian community/countries, thus far. However, during my research, I havefound that many walks of lives, of petite women, opt to have this horrific surgery done, mainly due to a psychological disorder known as “height neurosis,” or “height dysphoria.” Many are too embarrassed to speak of this type of surgery and will create a lie to fit around the “brace” of their legs (i.e., had an accident, broke their leg, etc.).

I originally thought that the “petite women” who opt to have this surgery may not be the sharpest tools in the shed, until I came across “Hajnal Ban” (which is a story in itself). She is a gorgeous, petite blonde woman who did not speak of her limb lengthening surgery, because she was “embarrassed,” until 8 years later, in a book she wrote called: “God Made Me Small, Surgery Made Me Tall.”

However, Hajnal is no dummy; she is a barrister (Lawyer), an author and a conservative politician in Australia and is currently City Councilor for Logan City in Southeast Queensland, Australia. Hajnal says the surgery added 8cm to her petite 5’1” frame – NOW, she is a whopping, petite 5’4” (with unbalanced legs for her frame).

Perhaps she missed the petite MEMO, too?  Written by: Tana Corporon

Petite Change-Limb Lengthening For the Worse, Not Better! part two


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24 thoughts on “Have Petite Legs, Will Travel “ideal body” [petite women] [petite models]”

  1. Wow this is a good article. I can't believe that women would go through all that to be that ideal beauty. While growing up, nobody never made an issue about being petite. Going through surgery to be taller is CRAZY!!

    1. Kimberly – thank you so much for the compliment, although a tough subject to write about, it was enlightening and only strengthened my commitment to Bella Petite. I'm so happy to hear that you've not been ridiculed for being "petite," as is how it should be!

      Thanks for your time in commenting! Take care.

    1. @Jan – they would discover what many of us go through, as a woman in the world, just wanting to be accepted for what we look like, for how we are and for our talents (regardless of height!).

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. This article is why I refused to look at the current fashion magazines they show only false images about beauty! Well written Tana! I liked this article it's and eye-opener to how petite women have been assaulted by the media.

    1. @Megan – So very nice of you to comment, thank you for the praises! Just like "anything" in this world, it can be overdone – we've seen it with breast implants, botox and plastic surgery in general; nobody seems happy with how God made them (I guess it's just a natural occurrence…but this? This is extreme, and very dangerous.

      As a photographer as well, I get SO sad thinking about how we are going to have a whole generation (or more) without "old" people, or people without expressions, scars…a story to their lives that is visible to others (which I like to see). I feel the absolute character of people's faces are becoming "blank," and now, if this surgery becomes popular too, we won't even know someone's real height!

      The "assault" you speak of, is out of control….clearly! Thanks again for your comment!

  3. I think women are pure psycho to undergo a procedure to be taller! I am totally grossed out…Thank god we have this website to take down the standards and give us petite women a shot in the arm of CONFIDENCE! Thank you!

    1. @Tina – I love when people straight talk…and you've done just that!! Thanks for being candid, and truthfully expressing yourself!

  4. I'm glad they threw in that last little bit about an occurrence in Australia as the operation is far more common in other places in the world (including America!) than simply Asia. In fact, due to the price, it is actually quite rare there. On the other hand, here in the states, even Rivers Cuomo of the band Weezer is rumored to have had the surgery done. Just a little bothered on the overall shaping of the article to paint a picture of the majority of Asian mothers to be displeased with their daughters' height: this is actually extremely abnormal.

    1. Hi Kita – actually, you're right; this surgery is VERY common and popular in Russia as well. I think you misread my article because I never said "the MAJORITY of Asian Mothers" are displeased; that is why I "specified" ONE particular news article, which followed around her two kids, and is why I clearly stated that I wasn't saying "ALL" asian moms/cultures do this. HOWEVER, it is no secret that this culture believes that being "taller" will bring more success and create better opportunities; and honestly, that's not applied only to the Asian culture – it's HERE too…that is why we have what's called "height discrimination." For men, if a tall man and a short man of equal experience apply for the job, 9 times out of 10, the job will go to the taller guy; same for women — and let's not forget LOOKS too…it's a sad part about our society.

      But thanks anyway for commenting.

  5. Great article and more than happy I am petitie. You have to be sick in the head to have this surgery done to yourself.

    1. @Jane – yep..sick in the head, the heart…and soul. But what's really sick is that OUR society has conditioned us in believing "height" has any barring on whether or not we're good enough, pretty enough, smart enough – such nonsense! But unfortunately, the moster seed has been planted years and year and years ago, and the poison of that seed has taken root in us all; there is only ONE answer…we need a ROOT KILLER — BELLA PETITE!! *wink*!! LOL!

      Thanks for the comment!!

  6. Another superb piece Tana! Reading the article I wasn't really surprised about the mother and daughter, however I am dismayed that is where some people are today in regards to beauty. I totally agree also with your stance on media and what we have been programmed to accept as true beauty, tall and skeletal…it is complete nonsense and not reality. However I must admit, I am very guilty of the magazines as with my daughters and I we devour them, the flip side is I am much more aware of the ads now since becoming a Bella Petite member and scrutinze through them now. All that being said, I also have explained to my four teenage daughters what Bella Petite is about, changing the industry so that real women are portrayed in these magazines. Women especially should embrace who they are however they are, tall or not. As Bella Petite states time and time again the majority of women are indeed petite, and it is time for us to take over the world. 🙂

    1. Very well said Sunshine, and thank you for commenting! I, too, am guilty (with daughter in tow) with the magazines – her and I have gazed thru them, saying and playing with each other – "I'm her.." "no mom, you're HER…I'M her!" But, I have also explained to her, from a very young age, that beauty comes from within, and that even very beautiful women (tall or petite) who have an ugly heart (speak ugly words…treat people unkind…selfish, self-centered, etc.) appear really "ugly" to the world. Although I know I've created some insecurities in my daughter (because I would walk around half her life saying, "I'm so fat…I'm so fat," I've made up for it for the other half of her life telling her everyday, that she is beautiful JUST THE WAY SHE IS! (by the way, I no longer say "I'm so fat.." lol).

      Again, thank you Sunshine for your input and for always supporting.

  7. Unbelievable… my jaw was on the ground after reading this too.. Petites being manipulated surgically and grossly influenced by the fashion industry.. But their own Mother’s??? What??.. NOT ..a Cinderella story

  8. Years ago I went for taller women. But after living in Thailand for a number of years, I changed my tune and started dating petite women, eventually marrying one. I know having a short mom won't give my kids the height advantage I'd want for my kids, but hey, if my son hits 6-ft or slightly over I'd be happy and for my daughter, if she's 5'-6" to 5'-8", that would be fine by me as well.

  9. I'm only 5' (ok 4'11") and there are many disadvantages – but I'll live with them rather than having my legs broken!javascript: postComment(0);

  10. You really do your research great post! Women are not to smart to do this surgery unless it is needed. Petite is great and Tall is ugly period!!!!!!!

  11. Good information and I can tell you really have done your research on this subject. This should help keep women from making this bad choice.

  12. Female height is not that important in western cultures, but it is in asian cultures unfortunately. Ideally, height would matter about as much as color – which is to say it shouldn’t matter at all.

    Unfortunately, even in western cultures, studies have repeatedly shown that tall men earn more, attract mates easier, and are more respected than shorter men. It’s sick, but it’s in the subconscious. One study showed that in the typical person’s mind, “Short” actually equated to “Bad” and “Tall” to “Good” on a very base level of the subconscious.

    As a male measuring 5’7″, I will soon be going to have leg lengthening surgery which will add nearly 3 inches. I wish I didn’t have to do it, but the fact of life is that my future will be improved if I do, and enough to cover the cost and the pain. I hate society for this, but since I can’t change it I will change myself.

    1. Don’t blame society for YOUR insecurities… i’m a girl and i’m 6ft … for most boys that’s way too tall and i don’t freak out and hate society for that! It’s your choice to go and mess around with your legs, most girls are more interested in your personality and your face to be honest, if you’re struggling to pick up girls, forget height, look in the mirror and talk to yourself

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