Halloween Costumes Inspired By Petite Celebrities

For this year’s Halloween costume, try something a little different, and a lot more creative, than your typical witch or cat. Take a cue from some of 2012’s biggest petite celebrities stories and represent some of the petite women we all admire for style, entertainment and talent.

The Fab Five

The London Olympics were surely one of the biggest events of this year and the five, gold medal-winning gymnasts from Team USA were the fan favorites. Not to mention all the girls are under 5’2’’!

Wear a leotard in any color, pair it with a gold medal, a tight bun and plenty of eye makeup for an athletic, yet glam look. The girls wore track pants when they received their medals, so go ahead and throw on a pair over your leotard if it’s too cold outside for bare legs. Free to subscribe to Bella Petite!

Twilight Vampire

As the Twilight series comes to an end this November, honor its long run with a Cullen-inspired costume. Many of the actresses in the Twilight series are petite, including 5’4’’ Ashley Greene and 5’4″ Nikki Reed and 5’1’’ Anna Kendrick.

For your costume, keep in mind that Twilight vampires are not your ordinary Dracula, so no black capes here! Instead, wear some everyday clothes, but add a pale face and some vampire teeth. For the final touch, cover yourself in body glitter; because Twilight vampires don’t melt in the sunlight, they sparkle!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

5’2’’ Kardashian is a petite media powerhouse. Her divorce may have been a huge story in 2011, but her blossoming relationship with Kanye has dominated 2012 headlines.

If you’re headed to a Halloween party with your significant other this season, dressing up as the infamous reality star and her rapper beau is the way to go.

A tight dress, sky-high heels and heavy makeup would be an easy way to channel Kim. Your guy can have fun with his costume, too, sporting some cool shades, baggy pants and gold jewelry.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica has had a great year. Not only is the 5’3’’ singer and actress a fashion and beauty inspiration for people everywhere, but she also recently gave birth to daughter Maxwell with her fiancé Eric Johnson.  If you’re not so keen on dressing up as a pregnant Jessica, take a look back at her career and draw inspiration from that!

Aside from her music tracks, Simpson is also well-known for her role as Daisy Duke in the 2005 remake “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Some short shorts and cowboy boots will transform you from city girl to country queen.

To pick up the clothing elements of these costumes, head to your local thrift shop, vintage store or Goodwill. That way, you get a great costume without spending big bucks on a piece you might not wear outside of a Halloween party. Happy Halloween! Free to subscribe to Bella Petite!

By Clarissa Burt with Ellen Kuni


What are you going to be for Halloween and what’s your favorite out of these petite celebrity costumes?  Tell us what you think in comments below! Written by: Ketaki

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