Fashion Industry and Women

Curvy Cover Girl KaleighThere is no mystery about how to become a model, but for petite women 5’5″ and shorter you need to know how to market yourself.  This is essential in attempting a career in the modeling, beauty pageants and the fashion industry.

Unfortunately, no single face is going to change the industry fashion standards of 5’9″+ as we’ve seen, but millions of female subscribers coming together can!

Industry change requires a collaborative effort that’s been initiated by Bella Petite Magazine with our petite female consumers and models whom are supportive of our efforts. Unless you are an a-list celebrity petite actress, (like Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek etc) it’s not likely you will get major brand campaigns and magazine covers as it stands today, which is why Bella Petite is vitally important to influencing market change.

HOW TO CREATE CHANGE FOR PETITE WOMENeva_longoria_-_new_bebe_sport_ads_222_122_1031lo

The fashion industry standards will change as demand is created for fashionable petite clothing and petite models and that can be shown by our subscribers and model members.

Bella Petite is a women’s daily magazine, we host a model search, show petite model cover girls, produce fashionable petite model editorials, attend trade events, nationally televised petite model shows and of course Bella Petite Magazine (annual issues).  Now that all of this is happening we are on our way!

Tall plus sized models have shown us how to make change happen. Advocating your look with Bella Petite Magazine to retailers by entering the magazine’s model search  is one step towards market recognition.

The key for petite women is to show your support to the only magazine, which has a model search, cover girls and fashionable petite model campaigns to demonstrate market demand to retailers. All of these efforts gain greater acceptance in the fashion, beauty modeling and media industries for the petite woman! CLICK HERE TO READ THE SECOND PART OF THIS ARTICLE

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16 thoughts on “Fashion Industry and Women”

  1. Wow, completely helpful insights on how to get started working as a petite model. No other source on the internet has given straight talk and believable information I can bookmark as a reference. Ann, you make us petite women proud! Plus you walk the talk and look beautiful doing it! Your beauty, experience and intelligence is what gives you legitimate credibility.

  2. Hello Ann, Thank you so much for your efforts in promoting petite women. This article is fantastic for us petite girls wanting to go after work as a petite model. Great job BellaPetite!

  3. I recently did some math based on average heights of different nationalities (got the numbers from a Wikipedia post on average height) – the average height of women world wide (based on the countries listed in the Wiki post) is just under 5'3 1/4".

  4. By far the most informative article I've read on the internet about how to get into petite modeling. Thanks for taking the time to explain it. I won't waste my money on how to books and bother reading from people who aren't credible. You guys really got it together here. By the way I joined bella petite !

  5. After reading this article I feel like I know what to do in order to try to be a petite model. First thing is joined the Bellapetite model search!

  6. Beautiful article. So many girls surrender their dreams of modeling with the misconception they are too short or too heavy. In reality, these specialty agencies often find more work for these models than the typical high fashion agency obtains for the taller, more traditional models. Great, super, splendid article! Thank you!

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