Fitness Expert Top 10 List Solutions To Be Fit

Top 10 Celebrity Body Secrets Ann Lauren
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Live beautifully dressed, or undressed! Let’s whip ourselves into shape with the least amount of anxiety. Our goal is to bring you real solutions to help you reach your desired fitness with ease. The best first rule is to take the “diet” out of your diet!  Being fit is a lifestyle, not a diet…

Reprogramming your brain is the best way to achieve results. It’s time to take the pain out of the hot body game! Count on Bella Petite to give you healthy solutions for your self-care toolbox.


  1. Your secret weapon is a fabulous smile!  A great smile sets the stage for the presentation of your beautiful bod.
  2. Cut down on your daily stress is the fastest way to melt away a few pounds. Just lowering your cortisol levels will naturally help you get that hot body of yours ready for a swimsuit.
  3. Drink plenty of water. Most of us don’t get the real importance of drinking enough water daily.  A recent study revealed, drinking just 2 cups of water before meals helped dieters lose an extra five pounds yearly. Plus, it helps you maintain your weight loss, wahoo! Also, drinking the right amount of water speeds up your metabolic rate, and contributes to curbing overeating when your body confused hunger and thirst. Check out the body water calculator at Flat Belly Bible to calculate, your water intake.
  4. Less cardio! Go ahead stop running around, I know it sounds crazy, but it is true! If you feel like you have plateaued and you do not see results, it is time to pick up those weights for interval training. Lean muscle is a beautiful thang! The best way to lose fat is to create lean muscle. If you haven’t already tapped into this body beautiful secret, now is the time for you to incorporate weights into your daily workout.
  5. Time to stop partying and casual drinking because of much to our dismay alcohol packs on the pounds. What you don’t see hurts you. It is so easy to drink a glass of wine, take a shot, and the beer on tap! The problem is you don’t see all those calories just literally pouring into your body.
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6. I know you may secretly have a sweet tooth just aching to be filled, lol! But it is time to take a pass on sugar-filled desserts.  Just saying, time to say, “no thank you!” 

7. This tip is the game changer! Eat balanced. This is my best rule. You should eat five nutritious meals a day that consists of equal parts of good carbs, bad carbs, and protein, with small healthy snacks between meals. This is how to keep your insulin levels from spiking, which is why you may gain weight or don’t lose it.

8. Change it up with dancing, martial arts, yoga, pilates, calisthenics, or gymnastic movements, to stay toned by using your body weight.  Do planks for core strength and full sit-ups with torso twists to work the sides of your stomach muscles, as well as her upper and lower abs. Make your daily fitness routine a surprise, so it is less of a grind.

9. Work a little sunshine into your skin with sunless tanners.  They are an incredible secret to helping us to look great both in and out of a swimsuit without sun damage to our skin.

10. Don’t let your skin dry out. Quenching your body’s thirst is important.  Also, nourish your skin with a daily moisturizer for your face, decollete, the entire body (and your feet too)!

Getting your body on, should not be too great of a challenge for you since we’ve revealed these body beautiful secrets. Also, you will find great recipes, fitness, and wellness advice in our SuperModelFoods column where foods are the model. Time for a lifestyle upgrade!

Top 10 Celebrity Body Secrets Ann Lauren

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