Fitness Expert Jim Karas On ‘The Petite Advantage Diet’ [weight-loss]

Finally petite women are getting the right advice when it comes to diet and fitness. It may surprise you to know that petite women should have an entirely different diet and fitness plan than taller women that are 5’6″ and above.

You may be saying to yourself, “Why can’t I eat the same way as my taller girlfriend?” or “Why  do I need a specialized weight-loss and fitness plan?” The good news is that Jim Karas can answer these questions and more!

Find out why Karas says, “being PETITE has huge advantages.” Being a six-foot male he says “men prefer petites” and offers many reasons why on the Bella Petite Hour with host Ann Lauren!

This week ‘The Petite Advantage Diet’ hit number #4 on the New York Times bestsellers list! Plus, you can tune into Dr. Oz on Monday, Jan 16th at 3pm PST on ABC for Jim Karas on his latest book release!

Jim Karas is a Lifestyle Expert who combines a degree from the Wharton School of Business with over twenty-six years of unparalleled success in helping people look and feel their very best.

Jim is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Business Plan for the Body, the New York Times bestseller, The Cardio-Free Diet and Flip The Switch. In his third New York Times bestseller, The 7-Day Energy Surge. During these trying times, the vast majority of people feel beaten down and lifeless. This plan provides the perfect solution to what you can control – your energy.

Jim’s new book, The Petite Advantage Diet, comes out in January 2012. In this bestseller Jim outlines a comprehensive plan to acheive weight loss for women 5’4″ and under, whom he lovingly refers to as “The Petites”. FYI, if you are a inch taller, this book will also apply to you The Petite Advantage Diet: Achieve That Long, Lean Look. The Specialized Plan for Women 5’4″ and Under.

Jim has been the Fitness Contributor on ABC’s Good Morning America (he helped former co-host Diane Sawyer lose over 25 pounds), is frequently seen on The Dr. Oz Show, The View and for three years, hosted Couch Potatoes on ABC News Now. Jim has served as a Contributing Editor for Good Housekeeping magazine and has written feature articles for countless other national publications, including “O” The Oprah Magazine. He also continues to personally work with “People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive,” Hugh Jackman, when called into service.

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The Petite Advantage Diet: Achieve That Long, Lean Look. The Specialized Plan for Women 5'4" and Under.
The Petite Advantage Diet: Achieve That Long, Lean Look. The Specialized Plan for Women 5’4″ and Under. Price: $14.35 Jim Karas, Hardcover, English-language edition, Pub by HarperCollins Publishers on 12-27-2011 They make clothes for? Petites? so why not a specialized diet plan? You re smaller, you re more delicate, you re 5’4″ or under, yet you re expected to follow a diet plan for the taller girls. What s wrong with that A lot,? says Jim Karas, author of the number one New York Times bestseller The Business Plan for the Body. For over twenty years, Karas has helped the Petites. He makes them longer (without the rack). He makes them leaner (without starving) and he makes them feel more confident and sexier than they have ever felt before. Why? Because he knows how to get results specifically for you. a? Petite? and get them fast.I understand you,? says Karas.  You can create that sexy hour-glass figure that taller women can’t achieve. Think Penelope Cruz (5 4?) and Dolly Parton (5 0?). Both are gorgeous members of? The Petites,? whose bodies rock. Karas has worked with women of all heights and sizes for more than twenty years, and has perfected strategies that bring effective and lasting fat loss for Petites. Based on solid, recent research, coupled with his passion for creating concrete solutions, Karas has crafted a program specially designed to help you create a longer, leaner, sexier body. Petites, you re gonna love it!



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