Fitness Advice For Petite Women Adjust Your Attitude!


You need not be an Olympic Athlete to possess a winning attitude. Just be willing to put in the necessary work to get it!

  • Set performance: oriented goals that you can attain. It might be running 10 minutes longer on your endurance run or running that mile one or two minutes faster.
  • Plan accordingly: Make it easy for yourself to succeed. If coming home after work makes it harder for you to leave to go to the gym later, pack your gym clothes in your car in the morning and hit the gym before going home instead. Or, it might be that you need to pack your meals for the next day the night before to avoid eating out at that fast food restaurant.
  • Don’t mix your self-worth with your performance: If you have a setback, just get right back on course with your next meal or the next day’s workout. Wallowing in self-pity does not help your motivation or performance. Further, you are more than just your choices. Give yourself room for mistakes because they are going to happen.
  • Relive your best time of success: Write down what you felt, what you thought and how you did it. Use that as a blueprint for your success in this next venture. Focus on the experience, not necessarily the outcome.
  • Lose your ego: Don’t avoid the gym because you don’t like the way you look in your gym clothes. Getting to the gym is going to help you look better in those gym clothes.
  • Accept mistakes as normal: Everyone makes them and you are no different. Just learn from them and focus on not making those same mistakes the next time around by planning accordingly and setting those goals.
  • Laugh often & Be thankful: Find the humor in that thing you are struggling with the most. As I tell my 5 year old – a thankful heart is a happy heart. Don’t focus on what you haven’t achieved, instead be thankful for how far you have come and that you are well enough to have the ability to continue to make positive changes. At the very least this might be “thank you that I have two legs to still try to run with” – there are people in the world you don’t even that. Be thankful and don’t take for granted what you do have.

Wishing you the best with your health/fitness goals, or any other goals for that matter.  Written by: Jeanene Cannon NASM CPT, CES Physique Complete, LLC

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