Find Happiness Unlock the Hidden Secrets to Overcoming Today’s Turmoil!

The Bella Petite Hour with (Host Ann Lauren) and co-host Bella Petite Business Expert Maria Gamb features special guest Feng Shui Master and astrologist Donna Collins to help you “Unlock the Hidden Secrets to Overcoming Today’s Turmoil And Find the Simple Truths to Happiness!”

Ann and Maria have decided to look at the deeper meaning behind all that we’ve been experiencing in the world today.

For over ten years there’s been a massive shift in people’s financial state, security, and how they are viewing life, work, and relationships.  In this segment, we asked Master Feng Shui expert and Astrologer, Donna Collins,  to give us a different take on what’s transpired.

Nothing is ever as it seems…Donna will shares with us some valuable insights that will help you adjust your perception and way of thinking about your own situation.   Perhaps you’ll even find the comfort and reassurance you’ve been looking for!

It’s time for you to find your peace and happiness again.  This is going to be a spectacular new beginning for us.  We hope that this special show will help everybody find inner peace a better deal with today’s economic, family, and world issues.

Donna Collins is CEO of The Everyday Feng Shui Company and Master Instructor with the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. With degrees in Studio Art, Art History and Religion, studies with the Dalai Lama, The Ramtha School of Enlightenment, and certification in HeartMath and EFT, Collins has created a worldview that has given rise to a life of great adventure.

An internationally recognized artist with art in the collections of Caroline Myss, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, John Hawkes, His Holiness Karma Kuchen Rinpoche, and the Saudi Arabian Royal Family. She is a passionate jewelry designer, a celebrity raw food chef, the founder of The Global Peace Project, and the co-author of “A Healthier You” with Deepak Chopra.

Her latest book is The Imagination Muscle: Exercising Your Greatest Strength.  Collins has dedicated her life to helping people live more creative lives; her reach extends across the globe and including such clients as Neiman Marcus, Escada, Merrill Lynch, Southwest Airlines, and Toni and Guy.

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The Bella Petite Hour on America’s Web Radio.  join Ann and Maria, so you can drive your career and happiness to the next level!  Along with Master Feng Shui Expert and Astrologist Donna Collins. PODCAST NOW PLAYING!

If you miss the live broadcast of the show the podcast is available here on Bella Petite and iTunes.

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