Fashion Tips For Petite Women

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Heart Your Height: Tips On How To Embrace Being Petite 

“I’m too short.” “Nothing ever fits me right.” “I look like I’m swimming in my clothes.” Too many times petite girls get caught up in these negative connotations about their own body type. Our advice is to focus on the positives, instead of focusing on the negative it’s time for petite women to rise up and embrace the great aspects of being petite.

Here are three fashion tips that will have you celebrating every foot and inch of your body type.


1. Shop Your Stores

Have you ever walked into a store and had no idea where to start? Well, many designers have eliminated this problem by carrying lines specifically for petite women. By shopping in a section completely tailored to you, you’re able to find you the most flattering fit possible. Designers like Allison Izu and The Petite Shop are at the forefront providing petite women a place kim-kardashian-high-waisted-jeansto shop with designs exclusively for them.

2. Embrace the Trend

Trends come and go, but don’t think that just because you’re petite that you can’t take advantage of them. Right now, high-waisted shorts and pants are the “it” item and this is a trend petite girls everywhere should be rocking. Not only will you be on trend, but you are doing wonders for your petite frame.

High-waisted bottoms elongate your body, making legs look miles long. Petite celebrity Kim Kardashian (5’2″) shows just how flattering this look can be on a petite woman. Be careful with this trend especially if you have a short torso.

Hayden Panettiere-petite fashion looks3. Give Your Body The Hug it Deserves

As a petite woman you want to make a conscious effort to wear your clothes and not let them wear you. The best way to do that is to wear something that every woman wants to wear: a sleek, form-fitting dress. This look avoids the possibility of getting lost in a sea of fabric that would otherwise hide your fabulous figure.

Petite actress 4’11’’ Hayden Panettiere and star of the ABC show “Nashville,” shows that wearing the short and tight blue dress better highlights her petite frame rather than an overload of fabric in the pink dress, which tends to be overpowering as you can see.

Being petite in today’s world is a great thing.  When you have the right tools to style your body type, you are truly embracing yet another great part about being you!

By Ann Lauren

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7 thoughts on “Fashion Tips For Petite Women”

  1. Oh My lord! THe photo’s are terrible! Washout looking with models who appear as if they are unhealthy and depressed way to skinny. YOu seem to forget that there are millions of women who are over 50 with plenty of money. We do not want to look like teeny boppers but classy. Too bad. Maybe you all will get some competition because if you have the exclusive on petites women fashion, lord let me buy regular clothes and have it altered.

    YUCK YUCK YUCK! Not much choice her. Someone is missing out on lots MOney.

    1. Shush up old lady, you are off your rocking chair for sure! I doubt this magazine even caters to the over 50 on the way out of style AARP club lol, talk about YUCK! That best describes you and your nasty rotten attitude! Clearly you have no manners cause yo mama should of taught you better!

    2. Being a young petite teen this magazine has actually boosted my self confidence. Though it may not be relatable for you, it has certainly inspired many petite women and girls. And you can not take that credit away from this magazine. By embracing petite women they are challenging the stereotypical faces of the fashion industry.

      1. Great advice most women do need help in how to dress their figure flaws. It is better they ask you than me I hate it when a woman asks me how she should dress and if she looks fat in clothes if you gotta ask me than you know the answer.

    3. I am clearly not seeing the same images you are. The women in these photographs do not look unhealthy or depressed and to most overweight people with self image problems every normal size women appears skinny and unhealthy.

  2. Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for
    your further post because I enjoy reading Bella Petite everyday thanks once again!

  3. I think this is a magazine/blog for all ages. Awesome to see petites being recognized. Not sure what the first comment was about but the models and pics look great to me. We need to support each other with encouragement not negativity..

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