Fashion Tips For Petite Women To Look Fabulous

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The more we see what celebrities are wearing in magazine fashion spreads, print advertisements, and commercials, the more petite women get confused about keeping up with everything that’s being placed in front of us by the media.

Have you ever found yourself driving to the store to buy that outfit that you think is going to make you a trendy gal? But, you may have overlooked a few things about its craftsmanship that just doesn’t seem the way it did on that model, in that picture. Don’t get caught in the glamour don’t section!

Use the following quick tips to ensure that you don’t get caught, but instead be seen as a stylish petite woman!

Use a 3-way mirror

These are available in most fitting rooms, if not in your own closet. They are the best way to see all angles of your body in the clothes. You may find bulges or gaps on the lowest part of your back, sleeve holes that let you peek at your undergarment, skirts that ride too low in the front and too high on the rear, last those areas that may be over squeezed by the dress or bottoms can also be noticed.

There are other little details you may find on a 3-way mirror. Seeing and admitting problem spots while trying on the merchandise in the fitting room will save you a headache later.

Petite celebrity actress 5’4″ Victoria Justice as you can see has achieved fabulous petite fashion style!

Choose the best length

Recognizing the best length for a petite woman is vital to elongating and maintaining a clean, lean, line when dressing. Skirts should not cover your knees. Mid-length skirts should be worn at the widest part of your calf.

Maxi skirts are NOT to graze the floor (as seen on petite celebrity  5’1″ Nicole Ritchie). Long sleeve tops and jacket sleeves must NOT be any longer than your wrist.

Finally, pants should always graze the top of your feet, although there are fashions that are meant to be worn long; Beware, those may shrink your appearance 3-4 inches more.

Find your color sense

In other words, knowing the colors that best suit your skin tone will work wonders when you’re creating a look. If you have no idea yet whether your skin tone is warm (yellow/orange based) or cool (blue/red based), try going to the nearest makeup counter. Double check the colors of items you buy in daylight, as fluorescent lighting in fitting rooms may deceive you.

Have a good tailor

One of the most important parts of being able to wear that dress you totally fell in love with but didn’t pass the 3-way mirror test is to be able to know that you have a good tailor you can count. He/she can cut, tuck, stitch and zip it to make it look like it was made just for you. A flawless fitting piece is really what makes you a style standout.

Finding beautiful, ready-to-wear, quality apparel is hard enough for petite women. So when you’re lucky enough to land a great find always procure it.

Petite women don’t have to settle for anything less than astonishing!

Written by: AnnLauren

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3 thoughts on “Fashion Tips For Petite Women To Look Fabulous”

  1. I love reading about fashion styles, these are the things which keep me alive. The smell of a new cloth and shoe is amazing. I always try to be in touch with all the latest fashion trends and styles.

  2. I love this! Great tips… I’m only 5’2 so it gave me a new perspective when I go out to shop. We sometimes forget to do all these things cause’ we get carried away with how something looks on a model or mannequin, its great to be reminded again. Thanks so much Ann Lauren!

  3. Thank you for creating a space for petites!! I hope this attention will also wake up clothing manufacturers to the idea that we are still out here.
    When you are looking for models, don’t forget that all petite’s aren’t in their 20’s. Some very good looking petites are in their 50’s, 60’s and older. While you’re looking to serve an underserved height population, we would love it if you widen your span to include varied age groups as well.
    Also, when giveing your fashion tips, it would help if you remember that petites come in all financial groups as well. Tips for looking good on a budget would also be appreciated. (Not all of us can afford a tailor or the top name brands.)
    I am 5’2”, slim (but not emaciated) and in great physical shape. I teach dance and participate in dance of all kinds. I like looking good while on the dance floor and when hiking in the mountains. And I’m 65, caucasian, and live on a very limited budget. I don’t want to be a model, but I would like to see all segments of the population- and all races, represented.
    Thank you so much!

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