Fashion & Makeup Advice For Being A Professional Petite Woman

Being a Professional Petite Woman

For those of you who are about to start a professional life, it is always important to pay attention to your looks, in work life even more than in private.

The way a woman presents herself at work reflects her work attitude.  There are some things that are just a no-go.  A few examples are wearing Uggs, scrunchies, leather pants and other similar things to work or showing too much skin.

In a professional environment a woman should look smart and fashionable.  A black suit is always a good choice and is never out of fashion, combining it with a white blouse gives you the looks to impress.  Bumps or flats are appropriate, but not a must, important is not to wear something too flashy that doesn’t go with your outfit.

Accessories and Care Products

You should never wear too many accessories to work unless your name is Mr. T. The general rule is not more than 3 accessories.  A wrist watch, a thin necklace and a ring or two are a senseful set to stick with.  A woman wearing too much jewlery doesn’t look classy anymore and the whole outfit loses it’s purpose.

Other things to watch out for are the right makeup and hairstyle.  Putting on the right amount of makeup should be an elementary thing for every woman, unfortunately you still meet some who either put too much on or none at all.

If you have a genuinely beautiful face you might not need make up at all, but it’s still important to look after it using BB cream products.

As mentioned before you should never wear scrunchies to work as it makes you look like a schoolgirl and not professional at all. The hairstyle shouldn’t be too extravagant, but cared after. 10 minutes longer in the bathroom can make a difference.


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