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Spring into Winter Love

This season, it’s all about peace, love, and bell-bottoms. Can ya dig it?

Yes, the ’70s are back and it’s time to mellow out with some of history’s favorite trends, revisited with fashionable petite women. 

Being inspired by a time period can be great when done right but disastrous when done wrong.


To avoid looking like you’re headed to a costume party, don’t wear all the trends at once. Save that for Halloween!

Instead, mix and match your 70’s-inspired pieces with modern elements for a chic retro short and ensembles.

Ready for a flashback? Let’s take a look at some outfits inspired by petite models 5’4″ Twiggy, 5’2″ Cheryl Ladd to 5’3″ Devon Aoki, and everyone’s favorite groovy time period.

You dig Devon Aoki’s Floppy hat and shorts are another great way to add easy 70’s vibes. Designer t-shirts are cool and flattering for your petite frame!

Style 1: Easy Accessories

Flower crowns are a pretty and feminine way to accessorize an outfit as you see on petite celebrity 5’0″ Vanessa Hudgens.  

Just throw them on as you’re headed out and it’s an instant head-turner (in a good way!).  

Stylishly petite celebrity Vanessa Hudgensround sunglasses, floppy hat, tassel bag, and wide-leg pant shows you how to rock your petite fashion style!

Style 2: Wide Leg, Big Heel

There are so many ways to dress in the ’70s inspired styles. It can be easy to forget the basics of any outfit flashback.

If you’re not ready to dive headfirst into the 70s trend, try taking a dip with accessories instead.

The colors. Classic 70’s colors are distinct shades of 2021 color trends yellow, green, orange, and red. So, use these hues as inspiration for a night on the town.

A v-neck dress knit dress that hits a little above the knee will give you height. This coupled with some shiny earrings and fun clogs, all dip-dyed in 70’s shades.

These fab looks will have everyone around you double-checking their calendars!

Now that you’ve had a blast from the past, what do you think?

Are you going to be trying out some of the 70’s-inspired outfits of your own?

ann lauren fashion clothing petite sizes brand ambassador actress model imdb

Make sure to pair it with something simple like jeans and a tee.

What looks from the ’70s do you love, or not?

Let us know in the comments below.  

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