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Although it’s still warm in some parts of the country I am considering the parts that are starting to see the fall of the leaves as the weather slowly lowers itself into a comfortable state not to forget, the good hair days will be up to 75% of the time. For this and other reasons, the Northern region welcomes autumn.

So before the grounds fill with foliage and the stores run out of clothing for petite women I for one, start to look into my wardrobe, perusing the pages of magazines and browsing through the tons of trend alert emails in my inbox looking for petite fashion deals.

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Just knowing that Fashion Weeks are being held all over, looking vogue is important. If you too are a petite woman (5’5”and under) and growing a bit concerned about making your fall style transition or finding the latest trendy items to fit a petite frame then do not dismiss last year’s clothing just yet; See about updating them with a few keen pieces as seen on petite celebrities 5’2″ Rachel Bilson and 5’0″ Kristen Bell and 5’3″ Kate Bosworth.

Find out why with these 4 super simple ways to get you going:

  • A light blazer over a summer top paired with either shorts or jeans will display that you are aware fall is making its arrival.
  • Drape a lacey sweater over your little black dress to keep you fashionably petite and cozy.
  • Top your ultra-skinny jeans with your favorite sheer summer dress for a night out on the town.
  • Finally, layers, layers, layers never fail, especially in those places with unstable weather. Throw on the newly suggested wide brim hat and you just might be ready to welcome the season.

Written by: Tamy Lugo


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