Exclusive: Celebrity Stylist Kithe Brewster Reveal Announcement!

Bella Petite was given an all-access pass to the world of fashion with international celebrity stylist and fashion editor Kithe Brewster!  You can say his name is synonymous with fashion and beauty.   He consistently reinvents celebrity looks keeping his clients squarely in the eye-line of fashion’s cross hairs.

Kithe Brewster’s unique perspective and unrivaled creativity in design affords his clients the luxury of ultimate style, while keeping them on the most talked about fashion listings around the world!

Kithe has dressed all kinds of women from CEO’s to celebrities! He appreciates that many of the most famous women in the world are petite.  Plus, he understands how misunderstood the petite woman is, especially from the fashion industry perspective.

Kithe Brewster Story

Shortly after graduating from a performing arts high school in St. Louis, MO Kithe went to New York to pursue his education and career in the performing arts.  During which he worked part-time in his Uncle’s showroom and that is where his flare for fashion blossomed! After a year and a half he knew that he wanted to become a fashion stylist.  He dropped out of school and went to Paris to learn about fashion in Europe, in order to be taken seriously as a fashion editor and stylist.

Kithe spent fourteen years in Europe building a notable resume.  When he returned to the United States, his work was in high demand.  The upcoming petite actress 5’4″ Julianne Moore requisitioned Brewster as her personal fashion stylist.  Simultaneously, rapper Eve wanted his services and she became a full time client.

For many years both Julianne Moore and Eve maintained fashion status on best dressed lists worldwide!  Brewster quickly became the Hollywood stylist to the stars reaching iconic status.  His work includes campaigns with Revlon, L’Oreal, Roc-A-Wear, Puma and more.

Brewster’s list of stylish celebrities reads like a who’s who list in fashion and entertainment, including supermodels Tyra Banks  of “ANTM” and Heidi Klum “Project Runway,” whose respective shows represent burgeoning model competitors and fashion designers.

Brewster’s innovative creativity redefined celebrity editorials.  Having styled over fifteen covers for Flaunt magazine with some of the hottest stars like Adrien Brody, Cate Blanchett, Drew Barrymore, Selma Hayek, Winona Ryder, and many others, he established a trend of replacing the ‘supermodel’ with celebrity, and American publications were quick to adopt this strategy.

His contribution and thumbprint on the music industry is powerful. America may not recognize Kithe Brewster, but they have admired his fashion style on Fergie, Beyonce, Lil’ Kim, Usher, Jessica Simpson, Garbage, Bryan Adams, Brandy and more.

Brewster styled Eve’s “Let Me Blow Your Mind” music video which featured musician and fashion-designer, Gwen Stefani, and cameos from Dr. Dre, DMX, Jadakiss and Styles P. The video won the MTV Award for “Best Female” video in 2001.

A few years later, Brewster contributed to Outkast’s largest commercial success with his work on the “Hey Ya” music video. Brewster styled rapper Andre 3000 as eight different versions of himself, playing on comparisons to The Beatles as the video mimicked their infamous performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. In 2004, “Hey Ya” caught the country’s attention and was awarded with: MTV Awards for “Best Hip Hop” video and “Video of the Year;” and Grammy Awards for “Best Urban/Alternative Performance,” and “Album of the Year” becoming the first album consisting solely of hip-hop to receive that honor.

The Bella Petite Hour Exclusive “REVEAL”

Brewster talked with Bella Petite about his personal struggles with weight and reaching a turning point when he weighed 300 lbs and fainted at a shoot in Miami. The next day he told his petite celebrity client Lucy Liu. Liu who was concerned about Brewster and encouraged him to see a doctor to evaluate his personal health status. After his prognosis he began his weight loss journey last December, since then he’s lost 80lbs on the Duke Diet.

In fact, this week on Thursday (May 26) in New York at the West Village Restaurant  he is planning his first “big reveal” of his weight loss with family, friends, press and film crews!  Kithe made the announcement during his interview on the Bella Petite Hour!

Kithe is currently starring on a web series hosted by EveryDay Health, a ground breaking  new web series about losing “60 Pounds in 6 Months.  This series is produced by a former executive of the popular weight-loss series, “The Biggest Loser.”  This all-access backstage pass is granted as viewers go behind-the-scenes with Kithe.  Episodes will juxtapose his bi-coastal career of glitz and glamour—producing  Fashion Week runway shows in NYC to dressing Hollywood’s  elite for red carpets—with visits to Duke Diet and Fitness Center to focus on hardcore training mixed with  nutritional education and medical evaluation.  The finale and Kithe’s ‘big reveal’ will be on August 15.  WRITTEN BY ANN LAUREN

Bella Petite Hour

Tune in to the Bella Petite Hour featuring Kithe Brewster. Find out what he has in store with Bella Petite Magazine!  You will also learn about Kithe’s fashion and fitness secrets.  Plus, you will  hear his unique perspective on the fashion industry and petite women.  Including, a special Yoga fitness segment with Bella Petite’s LifeStyle & Yoga  Expert Dashama! Written by: Ann Lauren

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  1. This was so good interview with Kithe Brewster! I loved the great talk with Ann and Kithe make good fit here at Bella Petite! He has done some of my fav celebs video’s and covers! Halle, Salma. Stefani and Eve such fabtastic! Wait for his greatness here to come with Bellapetites magazine, woohoo! this is hotttttt for petites women! Ktihe on Atlanta Housewives is funny 🙂 Luve for more with Kite!!!!!!!

  2. This is a wonderful exclusive! Nice work Bella Petite congrats to Ann bringing Kithe to us! I have admired Ktihes work and look forward to reading more and seeing him in action with all the petites celebrities! He will be great here looking forward to more details too 🙂

  3. WOW!!!!! Ktihe Brewster rocks my eyes off with his celeb stylist magic! He is the reason Hollywood stars look soooo goooood!!!! Offdahook GRRRRRRRRTTTT Interview! Love this article the best yet! When is Kithe get a Bella Petite cover? Can’t wait for this! Petite women have arrived!! 😀

  4. No way for real Kithe Brewster on Bella Petite with Ann this ROCKS!!!! Love it!!! Looking forward to news with Kithe. Great story here. Need him to be regular!!!! Gotta see what his Bella covers look like can’t wait for this!!! My dream stylist is here 🙂

  5. I absolutely LOVED the Kithe Breweter interview!!!!
    So inspiring and eye opening! Until coming across Bella Petite I didn’t realize that so many celebrities where actually very short!! It’s frustrating to realize many celebrities are actually our size yet finding their outfits to fit us is almost impossible!
    Stylists like Kithe gives us hope!! I’m really looking forward to his new show!!! Can’t wait to get more details on that!! Nice exclusive for Bella Petite!!
    Cannot wait for the first Publication!!!!

    All the best!


  6. I could not get enough of the interview with Kithe Brewster!!!!! So good and very interesting learning his background. He is amazing artist and stylist maverick! What he has done with Heidi, Tyra and Julianne and all the other celebrities in Hollywood and the world is greatness for sure! Can’t wait to see his Bella Petite Magazine covers and fashion spreads!

  7. OMG this is the best interview real admirer of what he does !!!! Ann and Kite will be the greatest for petites will are seeing change now!!! move over to the naysayers petite women are coming up!

  8. never thought i see the this happen that petite women have a real chance to be in fashion too so bored with old stuff in the magazine nothing new just gLamazons and no news for us lil girls 🙂 want to have some real design clothes that fit me for once. so excited to hear kihte coming to bellapetite!!!!!! Ann is my hero!

  9. oh my what news this is! my fav celeb stylist and bellapetite blow me away so friggin offdahook this is ticket to change the fashion game up!!!!!!

  10. holy smokin’ interview!!!! that was fars out there Ann gurrlll you shaking it all up now! you got kithe killin it for petites witya gonna blow it all up bigs! fashions peeps seeing petite fosure!

  11. this was best interview in the world gurrrl I’m tellinya kite and you Ann are the admitance ticket for petites in fashion!!!!!! our day is comin keep doing wat u do Ann!!! I follow kithe works he is dabomb hot macdaddy stylist to the stars the man with the glam 🙂

  12. Fantastic exclusive! Way to go Bellapetite you make me smile 🙂 🙂 luvin this with all my heart! I feel like it is happening now for petites never thought this day would come!

  13. My fav radio show I couldn’t believe my ears when Kite said he is coming on board Bellapetite this is BIG! Ann you are playing this game to win it for petites!! You inspire me and give me much hope. Petites in now because of all you do for us! So thankful you do this! 🙂

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