Entertainment Experts Takeover the Bella Petite Hour

6/22/10: The Bella Petite Hour with (Host Ann Lauren) features entertainment expert’s Lynette McNeill “LA’s hottest acting coach.” Lynette has been in the entertainment business for over 30 years. Plus, Emmy Award winning producer and director Christopher Toyne and he has enjoyed a rich career in entertainment for over 40 years.

Collectively our experts have 70 years combined experienced in the entertainment industry.  Anything you want to know about how to break into the entertainment world can be found out by asking Bella Petite’s experts!

Lynette McNeill is responsible for developing many of Hollywood’s most talented artist; Ellen DegeneresJaneane Garofalo, Anne ArcherAdam SandlerJane Leeves (“Frasier,”) Faith Ford (“Hope and Faith,”) Jason LeeGiovanni Ribisi and Adam Goldberg to name a few!

Lynette’s workshops are by invitation only and follow a 3 step process of interview, class audit and personal audition.  In addition there are special guest speakers who attend the workshops that are notable industry professionals: directors, producers, casting directors, etc.  When you are ready to embark on a career in Hollywood you will need to visit the Lynette McNeill Studio in order to gain the tools and techniques you require in order to become a marketable talent with star power. The biggest names in the business have these abilities or they wouldn’t be mega-superstars.   More information

Christopher Toyne Director of Production & Media Development for BellaPetite.  Toyne will develop and create cutting edge content with interactive campaigns, while utilizing cross platform mediums in television and Internet creating real time videos and promotional events on the Internet.

Mr. Toyne  is an EMMY award winning producer. His expertise as a producer and multi-cam director/associate director transcends a wide range of multifaceted experience in many disciplines of media production, including script writing and journalism skills.

He’s an award winning producer for television programming, genre’s include feature films, live events, original programming, documentaries, and film making.  Most recently he was producer at UPM for White Air, starring Riley Smith, Dominique Swain and Tom Sizemore.

Bella Petite Hour

Now playing podcast here on Bella Petite!  Listen to Lynette McNeill and Christopher Toyne!  Find out how to select the right acting studio or workshop for you, determine the best type of acting coach to fulfill your goals and what to expect to gain from an expert acting coach.  Also, you’ll find out how to locate work in your regional area, new ways to be discovered and  how the entertainment industry is evolving.


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