Don’t Make Mountains Out of Your Mole Hills

Sincerely, Nia….Don’t make Mountains Out of Your Mole Hills

I live at the beach, so it stands to reason I’ll be wearing a bikini much of the time.   I’m okay with that. I’ve been good to my body over the years and it’s been incredibly good to me.  Living at the beach where celebrities hang has taught me a few things.

For instance, be sure your sandwiches are in a zippered canvas bag when my friend celebrity Minnie Driver’s dogs are around or those cuddly unsuspecting things will sneak in and devour every last crumb. Never sit where you can watch Mathew McConaughey surf or you’ll end up in the middle of a tussle with paparazzi.   And of course, most importantly, never set your towel down next to petite celebrity 5’2″ Pamela Anderson….

The greatest lesson to date came from my friend petite celebrity 5’1″ Reese Witherspoon. She came down to the beach on a beautiful sunny day with a handful of little tikes, two of which I believe were hers, and sat herself smack dab in the middle of what looked to be the next round of nineteen year old Hawaiian tropic models. You know the type. Long lean legs, perfect up turned breasts, and flawless skin. No scars or stretch marks or cellulite.   Maybe Just a tiny belly button ring or dragon fly tattoo.  There sat Reece.  No bathing suit.   No daisy dukes, bikini on top.  Not even a sexy strapless sundress.  Nope.   Reese chose to come down on that bright sunny Sunday in a sweet, pink A framed dress with a perfect little satin bow on the front. And you know what?  She was the most beautiful of the bunch. Why?   Because while all the others pulled and poked, stuffed and tightened and de-wedged themselves in and out and all around their summer wear, Reece sat there composed and comfortable in her very own style. She didn’t try to compete with or evenmatch what saunters around that beach every summer.   She was uniquely Reese as only Reese can be.  And you know what? She was beautiful. She was sexy. Because sexy is secure. Sexy is comfortable in your own skin. Sexy is enjoying who you are, and what you’re wearing and honoring your mood, your own sense of humor, your own values. It’s definitely not comparing yourself to any body else.

The next time I make my way down to our little beach in Malibu, I wont hesitate to set my towel down right next to petite Pamela Anderson, and just be me, all 5’2, 34 B of me.  It’s all good.  In fact it’s all great…as long as I don’t try to make mountains out of my mole hills.


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5 thoughts on “Don’t Make Mountains Out of Your Mole Hills”

  1. Wait, you know Reese Witherspoon? I saw all her movies! She is one of my role models, when I'm bad I just think about one movie where she was or think about something she said… Duh! I guess I just sound like a stupid groupie here.

  2. Nia you make me feel good to be me. Thank you for all of your time & work for petites! This is great to be happening.

  3. You are o soo right about not competing and comparing yourself to other girls…no fun anyway you feel bad too when you do it. thanx for this advice Nia!

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